The Power Jerk

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This exercise requires the bar to be taken to an overhead position from the rack position. Athletes such as boxers, athletic event throwers and tennis players can all benefit from the power jerk. The main reason is that force is transferred into the floor, through the body and finally through the limbs. Think of a right cross in boxing – force is applied into the ground, up through the leg, through the hip, via the torso and shoulder and finally through the right fist. The power jerk is a great exercise for training this pattern.

Key lifting technique tips:   

Start position      

  • The bar is gripped in a narrow, clean grip and the bar is supported in the rack position, with the elbows high
  • Weight is spread through the whole of each foot
  • Lower back is arched, upper back is extended and tight. Head looking forward

1st Dip   

  • The dip is initiated by flexing through the ankle, knee and hip
  • Lower back remains arched, thoracic extended and tight and the head is looking forward, while the elbows remain high


  • The ankle knee and hip extend forcefully and the shoulders elevate to drive the bar vertically

2nd Dip

  • As the bar continues to travel vertically the body pulls under the bar
  • The ankle, knee and hip quickly flex to pull the body under the bar, while the elbows continue to straighten and extend

Catch/Receiving position

  • The upper body catches the bar; the elbows extend and the shoulders contract
  • The lower body reacts simultaneously, so that the heels contact the ground and the knees and hips are slightly flexed


  • The elbows are locked out and the bar is held overhead
  • The bar is then stood up by extending the hips and knees.
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