Power Clean from the Hang

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The power clean from the hang is a clean where the bar is received in a partial or semi-squat position only and starts from a hang position and not from the floor. This variant provides most of the benefits of the power snatch from the hang; however, as the bar is caught at the chest (or rack) position, more weight can be handled, which means more strength and power benefits.

Key lifting technique tips:  

Start position          

  • Feet are shoulder-width apart
  • The bar is gripped with a narrow, clean grip just outside the thighs
  • Weight is spread through the whole of each foot
  • Knees are slightly flexed, a stretch is felt in the hamstrings
  • Hips are flexed and torso, chest and head are forward of the bar
  • Lower back is arched, upper back is extended and tight. Head looking forward
  • Arms are straight, elbows are locked


  • The pull is initiated by triple extension occurring across the ankle, knee and hip, causing the bar to travel vertically
  • Lower back remains arched, upper back extended and tight and the head is looking forward
  • Chest, shoulders and head are still forward of the bar


  • The ankle, knee and hip are at full extension, so a jump action is performed (the feet may or may not leave the floor)
  • The bar continues to travel vertically

Pull under           

  • As the bar continues to travel vertically the body pulls under the bar
  • The shoulders slightly shrug and the elbows begin to flex
  • The ankle, knee and hip quickly flex to pull the body under the bar

Catch/receiving position   

  • The upper body catches the bar in the rack position, with the elbows high and the wrists flexed
  • The lower body reacts simultaneously, so the heels contact the ground and the knees and hips are slightly flexed


  • The bar is then ‘stood up’ by extending the knees and hips.
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