Hip, Groin and Pelvis Injuries - Prevention and Treatment (functional power and agility phase)

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Athletes, especially those who take part in dynamic sports (e.g. football, gymnastics, triple jump) will know how frustrating a hip or groin injury can be to shift. Apart from the frustration of re-occurrence if the root cause is not treated, there are a host of hamstrings and lower back injuries that are likely to follow if fundamental changes are not taken.

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The functional power and agility phase:

13. Reverse curl with Swiss ball

Lie supine with back flat on the floor, head on the ground and hands 3 or 4 inches away from hips. Grip ball with lower leg and try to lift the ball quickly and lower it down slowly. Try not to let the ball rest on the floor. 10 repetitions

14. Squat push with medicine ball

Begin movement by squatting down to a point where your thighs are parallel to the floor. The abdominals are braced. Accelerate weight upwards and end position is where arms are extended over head and body is in optimal postural alignment.

15. Multi Planar hops – Sagittal

Prerequisites – you must be able to perform a two legged static box jump and a single leg balance with good posture, exhibit good core strength and have progressed through the previous phases with out any problem

Contract abdominals and stand on one leg in preparation for the movement. Flex hip and knee slightly, then do an explosive jump forward to land on the opposite leg. Stabilise landing for 3-4 seconds before performing another explosive jump. Perform movement 6-8 times before swapping legs. Use this format for side hops (frontal plane) and turning hops (transverse plane) ideally performing a 90 degree turn.

15b. Multi Planar hops – Frontal

15c. Multi Planar hops – Transverse

16a. Box jumps - two legged jump two legged land

Brace abdominals, flex hips and knees slightly before starting the jump. The landing should be flat footed and once you have landed you should stand up right in good postural alignment looking straight ahead.

16b. Box jumps – two legged jump one legged land

16b. Box jumps – one legged jump two legged land

16b. Box jumps – one legged jump one legged land

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