These articles are for women in sports who have questions about weight training for women, circuit training for women, or other fitness training questions specifically for the female athlete. Everything – from psychology studies of women in sports with eating disorders to body composition statistics – are available here… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Why might an athlete need more iron?

You may have iron in your soul, but have you enough in your body?

Bone mass, menstrual function and calcium

Bone mass, menstrual function and calcium.

female athletes | calcium | osteopenia

Calcium intake in the diet cannot make up for a lack of oestrogen due to menstrual irregularities, but it can be optimised before, during or after the onset of menstrual irregularities.

PMT and performance

PMT and performance

fat | female athletes

To keep your fat furnace working, concentrate on building muscle mass.

Female athletes and iron deficiency (anaemia)

How to iron out the problems of anaemia

Body image

How sport improves the body image of adolescent girls.

Eating disorder athletes

Eating Disorder Athletes: Female athletes who are obsessed by food and body weight can develop anorexia athletica.

Running economy

Running Economy: Strength training improves running economy in female runners.

female training

Female training: The "rap sheet" on female athletes says that they don't recover from hard training as well as males do.

Why are female athletes so susceptible to knee injury?

Girls and women are much more at risk of serious knee injuries than their male counterparts

Ironman Triathlon: Gender Differences

Ironman triathlon: ironman triathlon gender differences

Eating disorders, bone loss and menstrual irregularity- the female athlete triad

Female athlete triad: The hidden risk for female athletes

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