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gymnasts menstruation

Delayed menstruation in rhythmic gymnasts

contraceptive pill and performance

The Pill may be the most effective contraceptive and the best way to manipulate your cycle for important events, but are you aware of its physiological effects and their impact on performance?

oral contraceptives | athletic performance

Oral contraceptives and athletic performance

Female Athletes: Menstrual dysfunction can effect health as well as sports performance

Menstrual dysfunction - the 'Energy Drain' for Female Athletes

Osteoporosis in athletes: how distance running puts female athletes at risk

Osteoporosis: Why distance running can be bad for bones

Female Athletes: Strength training exercises for knee injuries

Girls and women are much more at risk of serious knee injuries than their male counterparts. But research has shown that strength training has an astonishingly protective effect

Endurance training for female athletes

How endurance training helps women keep their weight down

Weight training: women entering the menopause struggle to encourage bone growth

How menopause limits women's response to weight training

Female athletes experience more muscle damage after exercise than male athletes

Women suffer most muscle damage after strenuous exercise

Pregnancy and exercise: how women can safely exercise without endangering their baby

Unborn babies cope well with intensive workouts

Gender differences: the training differences between male and female athletes

The training differences between male and female athletes

Research suggests female swimmers avoid the menstrual cycle

Why synchronised swimmers are protected from menstrual problems

Sex and sports injuries

No major sex divide in sports injuries

The menopause: hormone replacement therapy decreases the risk of heart disease & bone loss & maintains muscle performance

The effect of HRT after the menopause

ultra-distance competitions | female athletes

Ultra-distance competitions - Go long, young woman!

Fat-burning after ovulation

Female athletes fire up fat burning after ovulation, but does it make any difference to weight loss or competitive performance?


Caffeine: Does caffeine boost competitive female athletes?

The legs of female dancers

female dancers legs

Menstruation and lower bone density

Running tends to increase bone density in the legs, thwarting osteoporosis in that part of the body, but there have been disturbing reports that running can produce lower-than-normal bone thicknesses in the lumbar spine.

Crash training: wang and qu

It's the question on the lips of many elite female (and male) runners these days: will I ever be able to run as fast as Wang and Qu?


Amenorrhoea: Does amenorrhoea increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in female athletes?

Menstruation & exercise

Why 'the curse' is often lifted for female athletes

Pregnant athletes: is it safe to exercise when you're pregnant?

Practical recommendations for pregnant women who wish to exercise

Assessing the benefits of specificity on wheelchair athletes

Part two of this article looks at the exercise selection and results of the nine week training programme

female endurance running

Why is it that women don't slow down as much as men do when they go for the long one?

Women slow down less than men 2

Why is it that women don't slow down as much as men do when they go for the long one?

Strength training exercises programme for women

Strength Training Exercises Programme For Women: Strength training is vital for women, but the programme depends on their event, not their sex.

Female cyclists | health | nutrition

Female cyclists health and nutrition: A guide to the physiological differences and nutritional requirements of female cyclists.

buttock pain treatment

Buttock Pain Treatment Case study: a female athletics coach with buttock pain

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