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types of training shoes

Is the move towards thinner, less cushioned shoes, a trend I should be following?

Improving performance

If you want to improve your performance times, turn up the intensity and turn down the volume.

Shoulder injuries

Shoulder Injuries: Here are a number of further exercises to help you avoid shoulder pain

Using specificity and resistance training to improve wheelchair athletes

A new study looks at the benefits of low-volume and strength training

Assessing the benefits of specificity on wheelchair athletes

Part two of this article looks at the exercise selection and results of the nine week training programme

Between work intervals

Between Work Intervals: What you do between work intervals can be as important as the work itself.

Intense training versus volume training

A new German study confirms that increasing intensity works better than upswings in volume.

sports vision

Sports Vision: In most sports, you'll never achieve your true potential if your eyes aren't up to it. Here's a special report on how they can be trained.

Periodization training provides athletes with a varied and progressive routine

Increasing the quantity and speed of your workouts and varying the frequency with which you train can lead to huge improvements to your performance

Sports vision training

Sports Vision Training: An expert guide to improving performance by training the eyes.

Running clinic

A question-and-answer session, conducted by Owen Anderson and Jim Bledsoe.

Cross Training Workouts

Cross Training Workouts

Tapering 1

Tapering 1: What form of tapering works best in which sports? Here's a critical review of the research

Tapering 2

Tapering 2: What form of tapering works best in which sports? Here's a critical review of the research

Performance secrets

Performance Secrets: This new research suggests that sometimes the most important thing is what you DON'T do.

High intensity

Training with verve gives you extra nerve.

Below average performance

Below Average Performance

Track and field training: Coaching techniques

Track and field training: Technical proficiency is one thing, but coaches and teachers ignore the basics at their peril

How performance analysis can improve your coaching methods

What is Performance Analysis and how can it be integrated within the coaching process to benefit performance?

Balance training: flexibility and agility workouts

Learn to keep your balance with some simple balance training drills

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