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Can Vibration Training Enhance Sports Performance?

All Shook Up

Cycling Training improves sports performance

Can bike training improve the performance of non-cycling athletes?

Vibration Training and Performance

Can vibration training enhance Sports Performance?

Skills Based Training: Female Games Players

Skills Based Training as an Alternative to Traditional Strength Training

Interval Training and Fitness for Cyclists

Cycling - the road to success

Backwards Running : The benefits of training backwards

Backwards Running : The benefits of training backwards


Detraining - why a change really is better than a rest

slow training

Slow Training: Why long, slow training runs may be best after all

perceptual training

Perceptual training: how to sense what is happening a split second before others and steal a march on your opponents

altitude training effects

Altitude training effects: is altitude training a waste of time and money?

off-season training

Off-season training: Three off-season programmes to set you up for what lies ahead

Strength Training: does slow training increase muscle mass?

Strength Training - Do super-slow workouts build super-strong muscles?

Sports Training: common questions and answers

Owen Anderson replies to training queries

Water running: how deep water training can improve performance

Deep water training option for runners

Gender differences: the training differences between male and female athletes

The training differences between male and female athletes

Sports training: choosing the right exercise workout

The True Effects of Various Workouts - and How to Answer that Key Question: What Do I Do on Monday?

Sports training drills: how they improve your performance

The True Effects of Various Workouts - and How to Answer that Key Question: What Do I Do on Monday?

How to train in cold weather and maximise your exercise performance

Training in the cold

Playground games can make effective training workouts

Playground training drills

Muscle pain: athletes can continue training without causing long term damage.

Train through the pain

Training intensity: how hard should you train in order to achieve optimum competition performance?

The truth behind how intense an athlete should train before reaping the rewards

The ambidextrous athlete: by working on your non-dominant leg you can improve your symmetry and your speed

A practical guide on how to identify your own dominant side and bring the other side up to par

Treadmill exercise: how to perform hill training

How to set the speed and inclination of the treadmill to mimic hill training

Injury treatment: hot or cold

Do you know when to use heat or cold therapy for an injury? If not, a recent review article by two University of Washington sports doctors, Matthew Karl, MD, and Stanley Herring, MD, can be your guide.

anaerobic exercises training

Anaerobic exercises: Two-week training cycle plus 10-day taper leads to huge gains in anaerobic capacity.

Recording training | Bruce Tulloh

Recording Training by Bruce Tulloh: Motivator, guide and silent coach: the advantages of keeping a training diary.

Tapering research

Tapering Research: If you're a cyclist, swimmer, runner, or triathlete, do you taper prior to your competitions? If so, recent research indicates that you're probably tapering in a totally wrong way.

Fitness training: sequencing your training for maximum performance

How sequencing your training determines your overall fitness

Physiology & performance

What time is it inside your body? The answer may determine the effectiveness of your training - and your performance

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