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Football training: the importance of testing for players and coaches

Testing is an objective way of confirming a coach or manager's thoughts

Upper body biomechanics: how to test for flexibility, injury and mobility

Functional movement screening

Regularly assessing mobility and stability will give athletes an indication of their functional status and injury risk

MOT your body with functional movement screening

Don’t Be a Slave to Heart Rate Training Zones!

Heart Rate Monitors may not be the best way to predict VO2 Max and monitor overtraining

The test of time – testing and tapering for a cycling PB!

The importance of tapering as part of successful programme design

The effects of cardiovascular endurance and heart rate variablity on performance

Heart rate variability and stress analysis to enhance endurance

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

A progression from the One Foot in Each Rung drill, challenges the speed of co-ordination of the athlete. Have the athlete perform the drill correctly by asking them to start off slowly to get a feel of the movement.

Drugs in Sport: Insulin abuse subject to testing

Insulin cheats beware

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Drugs in sport: why testing is not enough

Cycling Training

Physiological Assessment in Cycling

Speed training: testing to find out if your speed is increasing

If you need to know if you’re getting faster over time, these are the tests for you

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation - Exploding the Myths

Fitness Testing: Four simple ways to keep a check on your overall fitness levels

Fitness Testing

Lactic Acid: a fitness assessment to measure your lactate levels

How to keep an eye on your lactate acid levels

The Borg Scale: how accurately does it measure an athlete's training intensity?

How Valid Is the Borg Scale?

Psychometric tests: a case study focusing on rugby league side Huddersfield-Sheffield Giants and their search for a new coach

The role of sports psychology in sport

Predicting your race time with the critical velocity speed test

High-speed running tests are excellent predictors of race finishing times

Aerobic exercise: everything you need to know about Maximal Lactate Steady State Pace

An easy way for runners to estimate Maximal Lactate Steady State pace


Knowing Your Vo2max: Does your laboratory really know your V02max?

anaerobic exercises training

Anaerobic exercises: Two-week training cycle plus 10-day taper leads to huge gains in anaerobic capacity.


Self-assessment: VO2max is a poor predictor of performance, but computing your velocity at V02max can pay big benefits.

veronique billat | exercise research:

Veronique Billat - Exercise Research


Calculating Vo2max: Make sure you have your doctor's permission before carrying out the following test.

Lactate Testing

Lactate testing: is there any point?

Creatine Effects

Creatine Effects: A man who is showing athletes how to use advances in sports nutrition to produce dramatic improvements in their performances.

Olympics Sex test

Olympics Sex Test: Why the Olympic sex test is outmoded, unnecessary and even harmful.

Lactate threshold heart-rate

Lactate Threshold Heart-rate: A question of distance, and how to work out your lactate threshold heart rate.

anaerobic performance testing

Here's a new running-based test of anaerobic performance for which you need only a stopwatch and a calculator.

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews - Is heart rate monitoring of any value?

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