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freestyle swimming techniques

Freestyle swimming techniques: Only the development of swimming flumes in the 1970s allowed tests to be performed which compared to those being carried out on such activities as cycling and running.


Swim-benches: Another mechanical ergogenic aid to training is the swim-bench.

Mood states

Mood States: High-level college swimmers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the States were studied for a research project published in 1991.

swimming pools medical hazards

A quick look at the medical hazards of swimming in pools.

muscle building

Muscle building: Squats, leg press or knee extensions - which exercise is best for the quads?

Quantifying intensity

Quantifying Intensity: How to use heart rate to quantify your fitness training intensity.

Tapering and performance

In order to be the best in whatever swimming discipline, competitive athletes and their coaches are constantly seeking new and effective methods to improve performance.

thoraric pain | shoulder injuries

Case study: a swimmer with left-sided thoracic pain and shoulder pain.

Swimming related sports injuries

Swimming related sports injuries: You may think that swimmers never get hurt. If so, read on

Triathlon Clothing: the benefits of wearing a wetsuit

Triathletes - why a wetsuit will improve your swimming leg

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