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Echinacea: Can the 'prairie doctor' give your immune system a boost?

Chromium supplements

Chromium Supplements: Chromium is not all it's beefed up to be.

Sports nutritional supplements survey

Sports Nutritional Supplements Survey: what the nutrition experts take

sports supplements

Sports Supplements: Here's a survey of what the nutrition experts take

creatine side effects | creatine facts

Creatine side effects: are we to believe the latest scare stories about creatine?

glucosamine chondroitin sulphate

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulphate: This substance looks beneficial for osteoathritis, but will it do anything for an athlete's stiff joints?


Ginseng: Another scientific study gives the thumbs down.

St john's wort | endurance athletes

Is St John's Wort a good mood-lifter for depressed endurance athletes?

St john's wort | endurance

Is St John's Wort a good mood-lifter for depressed endurance athletes?

Sports Supplements: is taking vitamin B6 good or bad for an athlete?

Why all the fuss about vitamin B6 and what does it mean to athletes?

Fluid replacement

Fluid Replacement: Are sports drinks suitable for interval workouts as well?


Phosphorus: " Warning: excessive consumption of this drink may damage your bones"

Amino acid

Eating an amino acid mixture may really be worthwhile-as long as you do it at the right time.


Adaptogens: What exactly are " adaptogens" and can they really help your performances.


Prozac: The amazing case of the burnt out athlete who suddenly caught fire.

Branched-chain amino acid (bcaa)

Branched chain amino acids prevent muscle protein breakdown but they don't boost performance.

Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks: When sports drinks don't work

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L-Carnitine Can they improve sports performance?

Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine: could alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine combine to form the Elixir of Life?

Zinc supplements may not protect your immune system

Zinc supplements and athletes' immune systems

Conjugated Linoleic Acid - does it aid Fat Loss?

Conjugated linoleic acid: is conjugated linoleic acid really a magic route to fat loss and a healthy old age?

Drugs: Decongestants like Ephedrines do not appear to improve performance.

Pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine: ephedrine decongestants are not ergogenic

Chromium picolinate: is this sports supplement potentially harmful?

Chromium picolinateclaims: just how ergogenic is this trace element - and how much is too much?

Vitamin C supplements have no effect on muscle soreness

Vitamin C: post-exercise Vitamin C does not aid recovery from delayed-onset muscle soreness

Alanine: Improve sporting performance by reducing fatigue

Alanine: Why you might expect to work out harder for longer with the help of the amino acid alanine

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