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More evidence that caffeine can benefit sprint athletes


Endurance athletes can still take caffeine before their long-distance efforts, even though no study has ever linked the nerve-jangling chemical with heightened competitive performances over marathon-type distances.


Ginseng, which has been used as a tonic and restorative for over 5000 years in China, is one of the most popular new nutritional supplements for athletes, but research into ginseng's effects on athletic performance has yielded ambiguous results.


Creatine: Another knock for creatine - it doesn't seem to help cyclists.

creatine studies and information

Creatine Studies And Information: This German study suggests that low doses of creatine can help endurance athletes when they need to surge or kick for the line

Creatine accumulation

Creatine Accumulation: Factors modifying creatine accumulation in human skeletal muscle

Erogenic aid

Ergogenic aid, but with a price to be paid

Creatine | Tennis players

Creatine serves tennis players poorly


Creatine supplements work at lower levels

Sports supplements

Experts determine what's really in bee pollen - but does the stuff actually work?


Thiamin: If you rely too much on snacks and convenience foods, you may be short of B1.


Why MCTs alone don't work.

Protein supplements

Protein supplements take three main forms - predigested protein, 'free' amino acids, and specific individual amino acids.

Creatine Effects

Creatine Effects: A man who is showing athletes how to use advances in sports nutrition to produce dramatic improvements in their performances.

Creatine & phosphate

How do creatine and phosphate actually work?

What are the benefits and dangers of ephedrine?

Here's what happens when you put a little ephedrine in your coffee.


Tea: A cuppa can help you take the strain, but only when you drink it black.

Are you deficient in Chromium Picolinate?

This chromium supplement has come into fashion but what does it actually do?

Assessing the Risks & Benefits Of Chromium Picolinate

Owen Anderson's look at the facts surrounding Chromium Picolinate continues.

creatine facts

The latest research results are all good - and don't believe the rumour that it causes cramp.

Vanadyl sulfate

Body builders swear by it, but is this stuff really any use to athletes?

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate: Research suggests it may boost performance in short events, but it can have nauseating side-effects.


This new study suggests it doesn't boost short-term performance - but it increases the heart rate.

Sports supplements: how choline can improve your performance

This vitamin-like compound is an essential part of the human diet.

Dhea Danger | Dhea Benefits | Dhea

Dhea Danger And Dhea Benefits: Is DHEA really, as some suggest, the fountain of youth in a bottle?

HMB supplement

What worked with chickens and pigs may now help strength trainers and endurance athletes

Vitamin C & Zinc

Do these popular supplements really reduce your risk of getting a cold?

Creatine Information

Could caffeine take the buzz out of your creatine?

Endurox | sport nutrition supplement

Endurox: Don't be taken in too soon by the claims of this latest " magic potion"

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