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performance enhancing drugs | supplement contamination

Performance enhancing drugs: How to protect yourself - and your reputation - from drug contamination

Colostrum sports supplement | Athletes | Mother's Milk

Colostrum sports supplement: Why Mother's Milk Is Best for Athletes

Sports Supplements: athletes should take supplements only after balancing the potential rewards against the very real risks

Although vitamin and mineral supplements are perceived as harmless, supplements are not always benign.

Cardiovascular Fitness: will increasing oxygen levels improve performance?

Ergogenic Aids - Oxygen Supplementation

Creatine reduces mental fatigue and boosts performance!

How Creatine Can Prevent Mental Fatigue

Creatine: how it effects sports performance

The effects of creatine supplementation on performance

Creatine supplements can boost your endurance training without encouraging weight gain

The correct dose of creatine will improve endurance athletes performance without making them gain weight!

Creatine and carbohydrates in the body

Factors modifying creatine accumulation in human skeletal muscle

HMB supplements- do they work for athletes?

HMB supplement benefits may not be so significant for trained athletes

Will taking echinacea supplements help beat a viral infection?

Echinacea - Ward off infection with 'the prairie doctor'

Creatine: the side effects of this performance enhancing supplement

Creatine side effects: Supplementation with creatine is safe - but it works best for men

Testosterone: the andro supplement may not be as effective as you think

Androstenedione effects - do andro supplements really work?

How crocodile blood can improve sports performance!

Anyone for Crocodile Haemoglobin?

Carbohydrate metabolite supplements: pyruvate does not enhance weight loss or boost endurance performance

The effect of the Pyruvate supplement on performance

Creatine: school children under the age of 18 should not take bodybuilding supplements

School children risk causing long term damage by taking bodybuilding supplements

Ginseng: no proof it counters physical stress and fatigue

This popular herbal product offers no ergogenic benefits

Creatine improves performance for competitive squash players

Oral creatine supplementation improves exercise performance

Creatine supplementation in young athletes

Can creatine work for children and adolescents?

Sports supplements: does Tyrosine improve your performance?

Does this natural amino acid have the same energy-boosting effects as BCAAs

Sports nutrition: an overview of vitamins, supplements and dietary requirements

The latest sports nutrition research

creatine monohydrate effects

Creatine Monohydrate Effects: Dietary supplementation with an important amino acid called creatine has been linked with greater muscle strength during weight-lifting exercise, faster running times during 1000-metre intervals, and improved recovery following intense exercise.

Sports supplements: can using phosphate improve your performance?

Phosphates strengthen your bones and teeth but they may also help you grind your way to faster workouts and competitive efforts

Crocodile soup

crocodile soup

Caffeine buzz

Caffeine Buzz: The ergogenic potential of caffeine continues to capture the attention of exercise scientists.

Sports supplements: can taking extra Vitamin E boost performance?

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant' which can protect muscle cell membranes from damage during heavy training


Arginine: In the gym, bodybuilders push heavy pieces of iron around in order to bulk up their muscles, but at their dinner tables they do strange things.. In an attempt to become leaner, they reduce their caloric intakes as they train for important competitions, even though decreased eating can lead to losses of muscle mass.

juice plus problems

Juice plus problems: "More energy from Juice Plus? It didn't work for me" ...Antony Haynes .Institute of Optimum Nutrition .London


Triglycerides: Putting medium-chain triglycerides in your sports drink can increase your endurance.


Caffeine: Does caffeine boost competitive female athletes?

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