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A Guide And Advice to Effective Supplement Usage

A Guide And Advice to Effective Supplement Usage

Supplements: Glucosamine

Does glucosamine really work?

High sodium drinks

High Sodium Drinks: Sodium, plasma and performance


Creatine: is it really safe for long-term use?

zinc & performance

Zinc & Performance: Why athletes may need more zinc in their diet


Selenium: Why athletes need more selenium in their diet

sodium bicarbonate & sodium citrate

Sodium Bicarbonate & Sodium Citrate

antioxidant diets

Antioxidant Diets: Low antioxidant diets may hamper fuel delivery

banned substances

Banned Substances: Athletes still at risk of accidental doping


Prohormones : Warning! - contaminated dietary supplements can seriously damage your career

maltodextrin-plus-fructose drink

Maltodextrin-plus-fructose Drink: Carb combo drink produces most energy

creatine use

Creatine Use: Long-term creatine use is safe

athletes & antioxidants

Athletes & Antioxidants : A low antioxidant intake may harm athletes

Sports drinks

Sports drinks or water : what is the best choice for sports performers?

caffeine dehydration

Caffeine dehydration : Caffeine and alcohol - just how dehydrating are they?


Gacik: is it even better than creatine?

supplements athletes

Supplements athletes: Antioxidant vitamins - can they do athletes more harm than good?

sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate and sprint performance


Adenosine: ATP is no creatine

caffeine effects

Caffeine effects: Now caffeine's legal, is it worth taking?

creatine supplements

Creatine supplements: Selective effects of creatine

vitamin e

Vitamin E: Vitamin E and immunity

carbohydrate mouthwash

Carbohydrate mouthwash is ergogenic

carbohydrate electrolyte drink

How carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks help team sports players


Ribose - Why ribose does not make the grade as the 'new creatine' for sports performers

hodiola rosea | cordyceps sinensis

Hodiola rosea & cordyceps sinensis - Chinese supplements don't work for cyclists

creatine vegetarians

Creatine for vegetarians

carbohydrate drinks

Carbohydrate drinks: Carbohydrates and perceived exertion

omega-3 omega-6 | essential fats

Omega-3 and omega-6: Essential fats are the answer to most athletes' prayers, helping your body to conserve carbohydrate while shedding fat

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