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Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Carbohydrate drinks, gels and bars

Why two carbs are better than one

Caffeine: old friend, new findings!

Andrew Hamilton explains new research about training and competing with caffeine supplements

Sports nutrition: are protein drinks effective in boosting sports performance?

New research suggests that there’s less evidence for adding protein to carbohydrate than many would have us believe

Sports Nutrition: does sodium bicarbonate supplementation improve performance?

New research suggests taking sodium bicarbonate before you train boosts endurance levels

Sports supplements: are probiotics a help or hindrance for athletes?

The effects friendly bacteria have on an athlete's performance

Sports supplements: a guide to energy drinks

The role of sports drinks in an athletes diet

Sports supplements: a guide to sports drinks, health products and muscle builders

How many of these fancily packaged and extravagantly advertised products actually work?

Antioxidants: supplements and pills may not be the answer to energising and recovery

Antioxidant nutrition is one of changing consensus among scientists and confusion among athletes and coaches.

Nitric oxide: its role in your body and the truth behind its performance enhancing properties

Do nitric oxide supplements improve performance?

Nutritional Supplements: BCAA and its effect on sports performance

BCAA supplements- the latest evidence

Sports Nutrition: triglycerides can provide athletes with a valuable energy source

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT): How fatty acids can improve sports performance

GABA supplementation could enhance muscle recovery, encourage strength gains and aid in fat loss

The naturally occurring amino acid known as GABA is popular as an ‘anti-anxiety’ supplement. However, exciting new research suggests that it may also stimulate the natural release of a growth hormone, which could yield benefits such as enhanced muscle recovery, strength gains and fat loss.

Using Magnesium to improve your exercise performance

Magnesium – is it more important for athletes than we thought?

Can body fat loss and lean muscle gain be targeted with nutritional supplements?

Can body fat loss and lean muscle gain be targeted with nutritional supplements?

Optimize Nutrition with Naturally Occurring Compounds

New kids on the block – do quercetin and beta-alanine have any value for athletes?

Sports Supplements: Side effects of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA supplement)

CLA may increase oxidative stress in athletes

Sports Supplements: Reduce oxidative stress

Antioxidants compared

Asthma in athletes

Beta(2)-agonists used to treat asthma do not confer any performance advantage in athletes

Allergy Information for Marathon Athletes

Probiotics don’t help reduce pollen allergy in marathon runners

Bodybuilding supplements with resistance training

Supplements: why timing is all

Ergogenic Aids not found in Oxygenated Water

The myth of ‘oxygenated water’

Testosterone prohormone supplements: The Risks

Andro supplements don’t help and can be harmful

Reduce Muscle Fatigue with Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics combat fatigue problems in athletes

Pseudoephedrine's Ergogenic Effect

Drug removed from banned list is ergogenic

Ergogenic Supplements: Phosphatidylserine

Could phosphatidylserine be the next big ergogenic aid for endurance athletes?

The Effect of Creatine on Runners

Creatine serum offers no advantages for runners

Endurance Training with Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine – a magic bullet for endurance?

Ergonenic aids: The Positives and Negatives of Supplements

What's good, what's bad and what's plain ugly?

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