strength training

strength training

Looking for the best strength training routines and strength training workouts? These articles give you the latest information on circuit training, squats, and more with free strength training programs… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Strength training for children

Strength naturally increases with age because of body growth and development of the neuromuscular system, but can strength in children be increased through training?

strength-training for mature athletes | prediction equations

Strength-training For Mature Athletes: Using prediction equations to determine 1RM for strength-training older adults

Strength and endurance

Strength And Endurance

Strength training

Strength Training: Does strength training bring out the killer in you?


Squatting: Weightlifters do it. Downhill skiers do it, too. Most track and field athletes consider it an essential part of their supplemental training. Even soccer and hockey players rely on it.

Endurance training: strength training exercises

These three strength-training exercises will improve your stride length and frequency

Power Training

Power Training: How contrast power training maximises performance

Shin splints: lower leg strengthening exercises for prevention and treatment

How to prevent and treat shin splints

Strength training

Strength training reveals strange sex bias

strength training routines | strength training programmes | strength training

Strength training routines: most runners think that strength training routines are something carried out in a weight room or gym utilising various pieces of equipment (barbells, dumbbells, weight machines, etc.).

Strength training exercises programme for women

Strength Training Exercises Programme For Women: Strength training is vital for women, but the programme depends on their event, not their sex.

shin splints treatment

Shin Splints Treatment: How to strengthen the lower parts of your legs, and prevent (or repair) shin splints problems

Maintaining peak condition in top level rugby league players

Glenn Workman of the London Broncos reveals some rugby league training secrets

Running training: resistance training will improve a runners efficiency and power

Strength training can enhance economy and trim time from race efforts

Running economy

It's now official: strength training can improve your running economy.


If you want to lose fat, chuck the slimming diet and try resistance training.

Running economy

Running Economy: Strength training improves running economy in female runners.

strength shoes

Strength Shoes: Does the 'strength' shoe really do anything for your strength?

Strength training: is it beneficial for endurance athletes?

How strength training effects your running, cycling, swimming, skiing, or rowing performance

Strength training program to prevent knee injuries

Workouts to strengthen the knee and prevent injury

Squat exercise

Squat exercise


Squat research review

Strength Training for Tendons

Tendon Strength Training: Performance benefits of optimising both components of your muscle tendon units

Strength and conditioning exercises

Prehabilitation exercises: these prehabilitation exercises will help reduce injury risk

Thigh exercises: the front squat

Weight training to improve thigh strength

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