strength training

strength training

Looking for the best strength training routines and strength training workouts? These articles give you the latest information on circuit training, squats, and more with free strength training programs… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

arm strength

Arm Strength: Transfer of arm strength works one way only

strength training for children

Strength Training For Children : Why young athletes should be encouraged to work out with weights

Strength training for the lower leg: the standing calf raise

Calf lowering exercises strengthen the lower leg and are effective for treating Achilles injuries

core strength exercises

Core strength exercises: The side raise

strength football

Strength training for footballers

Strength training for the upper body: the stiff arm pull-down

The stiff arm pull-down strengthens the upper body and advances core stability of the lumbar spine

strength endurance

Strength endurance: Power without mass: how strength and plyometric training can boost endurance running performance

Strength training: the leg press machine

The leg press is a great multiple joint exercise for those looking for increased lower body strength

strength training

Strength training: When it comes to strength training, athletes need to be treated as a 'special population'

Strength training: single leg squat exercises

The single leg squat makes a useful alternative to the barbell squat

Strength training for hamstrings

Developing the full range of strength in this exercise will give an athlete a very good level of hamstring strength

Abdominal strength training- the curl-up

Poor technique compromises the effectiveness of the curl up, so it is worth checking you are doing it right

Aerobic Training vs. Strength Training: do they cancel each other out?

Concurrent Training, interference effect

Strength Training: does slow training increase muscle mass?

Strength Training - Do super-slow workouts build super-strong muscles?

Runners: hamstring strengthening can improve running performance

Runners benefit from strong hamstrings

Strength Training: weight lifting strategy

Are three sets necessary to optimise your strength?

Strength training: resistance exercises to improve strength and power

Strength Training: understanding your nervous system will lead to muscular strengthening

How to improve your performance by optimizing the functioning of your nervous system

Leg strengthening exercises

Leg strengthening exercises - These one-leg strengthening exercises spell greater power, but you have to do them fast!

Strength training: trunk exercises to improve core stability

Improving your core stability using twists, raises, pushes and chops!

Strength training exercises for preventing and treating knee injuries

These strength workouts will help keep your knees sound and your ACLs intact

Strength training: partial squat exercises improve your strength, stability and efficiency

Partial squats: an outstanding exercise for improving your strength, stability and efficiency

Combining strength and endurance training- the pros and cons

Combined training - the pros and cons

Strength training: hill running to increase power

Hill running for strength training - Uphill sprints boost hip power

Strength training routines

Strength training routines: Owen Anderson answers training queries.

Strength training: how to condition your body without using exercise equipment

Strength training: gym exercises to improve swimming performance

Swimmers need to follow a programme of exercises that replicate their actions in the water as closely as possible.

Strength training is a vital component of your endurance programme

When sequencing your fitness training pay specific attention to the development of strength and power

Lateral knee pain and iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)

Looking at the causes of lateral knee pain and ITBS

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