speed training

speed training

Want to know how to run faster? These articles detail tips on speed training, helping you to better your fast twitch muscles and aerobic capacity to improve your overall running techniques... To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

speed | age | sprint training

Speed and age - The bad news is that speed declines with age; the good news is that you can arrest, even reverse, this degenerative process

Speed, agility and quickness training

Example SAQ training workout

frappier acceleration program

Frappier acceleration program

Speed training: testing to find out if your speed is increasing

If you need to know if you’re getting faster over time, these are the tests for you

Speed training: bounding to improve performance

Bounding to increase your running speed

Speed training: how a treadmill can help athletes run faster

The Frappier super treadmill

Speed training: how hill running will make an athlete faster

Speed hill training improves performance in football, rugby, basketball, cricket - and even running

Speed parachutes

Speed Parachutes: Displaying their bold maize and blue colors, the chutes billow out behind runners during workouts, attached by cords to the athletes' chests.

Speed training: strengthening muscle fibres will improve an athlete's sprinting

Why tapering after intense training boosts sprinting speed

Overspeed training

Overspeed Training: Does making your legs work faster than normal actually make you a quicker athlete?

Lactate threshold running speed

This New Zealand research shows why it makes sense to boost your lactate threshold running speed.

Speed training | 1 mile

Speed Training: If you want to improve your one-mile times, follow these speed-building workouts.

gender & sport

The Gender Gap 1: Women are getting slower; men are getting faster?

drugs | female athletes

The Gender Gap 2: Women are getting slower; men are getting faster?

Speed training for endurance athletes

Speed training is important for distance runners

"run-play" training

"run-play" Training: These workouts can boost fitness, speed, endurance and correct weaknesses - and are fun to do.

Increasing speed: short intervals

Increasing Speed: Short Intervals: Athletes use short intervals to increase speed, add variety to their workouts, and improve anaerobic power and lactic-acid tolerance, but short-interval sessions aren't without problems.

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