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HDL cholesterol | exercise | heart disease prevention

Here's further proof that the more you run, the more you protect yourself against heart trouble.

Lactate threshold running speed

This New Zealand research shows why it makes sense to boost your lactate threshold running speed.

weight training for runners

Weight Training For Runners: If you want to improve performance, the cardinal rule is: be more specific.

Inline skating | running endurance training | VO2max

In-line skating training helps running endurance and increases VO2max.

Speed training | 1 mile

Speed Training: If you want to improve your one-mile times, follow these speed-building workouts.

running form | biomechanics | running style

Running form: How you can become a better runner without increased fitness - with the right form.

Running Injuries: What you don't know about injuries can really hurt you.

How to avoid the most common sporting injuries

Veteran runners, foot speed

Veteran Runners: improve your foot speed

Personal best training program

Personal Best Training Program: Moderate starts, consistent pacing, and negative splits can carry you to new PBs.

Endurance running

The slippery problem of taking in sustenance when you're on the move.

Knee injuries- how iliotibial band syndrome can ruin the runner

Knee injuries are the curse of many athletes, especially runners

mile training

Mile Training

Running training: resistance training will improve a runners efficiency and power

Strength training can enhance economy and trim time from race efforts

Sports injuries: how runners can prevent and treat plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot- but how do you get rid of it?

Running training: how to improve your economy and efficiency

Everything you need to know about running technique

400 metres training schedule

400 Metres Training Schedule

running training program

Running Training Program: If you want to improve your race times, imitate the action of the gazelle.

Running injury

Running injury: Pity the poor runner he'll have arthritis when he's older. Or will he?

Achilles tendon, running economy and tendinitis

Having a short Achilles tendon may be an athlete's Achilles heel

Running training: these medicine ball exercises will improve a runners strength and power

These medicine ball workouts can do wonders for running velocity and power.

Running economy

It's now official: strength training can improve your running economy.

Infectious mononucleosis

Infectious Mononucleosis: How to spot the warning signs of "Mysterious Mono", and what to do about it.

running shoes

Running shoes research - Do men and women run with completely different gait styles? If so, are those differences so great that female runners need their own distinctive running shoes?

Running economy

Running Economy: Strength training improves running economy in female runners.

Running economy

Running Economy: Turning your attention inwards can help you run more economically.

Running training: workouts designed to improve technique

These running drills can be used as warm ups and are vital for strengthen specific muscle groups needed for powerful running

breathing techniques in running

Breathing Techniques In Running: If you let your mind control your heart, you can improve your performances

Diet and performance

Diet And Performance: One big advantage of being a runner is that you can eat a lot without putting on weight. The more you run, the more you can eat.

Running training: how to ensure a powerful finish to a race

Maximising the kicking power in your legs will provide that all important race finish

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