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scientific training | marathon training

Scientific training: How one former couch potato found a talent and then called on the appliance of science to become an elite performer

Treadmill Running vs. Natural Running - how they differ in effecting sports performance

Treadmill running and natural running differences

Running: the importance of race pacing

Race Pacing

Bone Maintenance in Older Runners

Bone Maintenance in Older Runners

Runners: hamstring strengthening can improve running performance

Runners benefit from strong hamstrings

Running training: workouts for a variety of running events

These are the 'golden' workouts for the key distances from 400m to the marathon

Water running: how deep water training can improve performance

Deep water training option for runners

Running efficiency: increase your running speed and power by reducing the energy cost of your movement

Running Efficiency

Running efficiency: increase your running speed and power by reducing the energy cost of your movement (2)

Running Efficiency

Achilles Heel: your running technique is affected by the condition of your Achilles tendon.

Having a short Achilles tendon increases the risk of injury

Reduce your running costs by studying African culture and their athletes running technique

Running Economy: how to make headway on improving running efficiency

Runners anaemia: how some athletes suffer from this rare disease

Anaemia: Runner's persistent anaemia baffles doctors

Road running: air pollution is a real risk to athletes

Road training can hinder performance

Fell running: racing in the hills

Building up your strength is the key to hill running

Running training: how to construct a year long training plan for runners

Sport-specific training

The type of running surface an athlete exercises on will effect the quality of their performance

Different running surfaces have different effects on performance and vary in the likelihood of causing an injury


Aquarunning: Why aquarunning didn't work for these inexperienced athletes.


Self-assessment: VO2max is a poor predictor of performance, but computing your velocity at V02max can pay big benefits.

How nutrition can help soccer players overcome the second-half slump

New research suggests soccer players need better nutrition

Runners v cyclists

Runners V Cyclists: Runners may have denser leg bones, but cyclists have more muscular arms.


Cross-training: Can runners pedal their way to faster 5K times?

Crash training: wang and qu

It's the question on the lips of many elite female (and male) runners these days: will I ever be able to run as fast as Wang and Qu?

Running research

Running Research: Don't tell Chancellor Brown, but the economy is improving

Deep water running

Deep Water Running: When your training should land you in deep water

Practical training

Two workouts that will help you pack more punch with your race pace - even at age 56

Fell running strengthens an athlete's hamstrings and quads

Downhill running can help prevent leg-muscle soreness

strength training routines | strength training programmes | strength training

Strength training routines: most runners think that strength training routines are something carried out in a weight room or gym utilising various pieces of equipment (barbells, dumbbells, weight machines, etc.).

Running at max capacity

This new research confirms that the also-rans are working every bit as hard as the winners

800 metres

Sebastian Coe's 800 metres world record is now 14 years old, as is his 1000m record. Numerous attempts have been made by promising two-lap performers to smash it - all have ended in failure. Why is this so?

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