Before you put on your running shoes, read these articles for high-quality running tips. Whether you are looking to amp up your running training, avoid running injuries, or learn about coaching running, these are for you… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

Sleep deprivation

Sleep your way to better performance

Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Carbohydrate drinks, gels and bars

Why two carbs are better than one

Recovery: Cold water immersion (CWI) and the importance of sleep

The role of sleep in recovery

Athletes: Posture comes before training

The components of posture and its importance for athletes

Resistance training and muscle protein synthesis

Latest research to increase strength and muscle mass

The psychology of speed training

Mental preparation to enhance speed training and improve performance

Interval training: good for health as well as performance!

Intervals benefit performance at all levels of sport

Focusing attention on concentration

Attentional control in sport

Caffeine: old friend, new findings!

Andrew Hamilton explains new research about training and competing with caffeine supplements

Maximising the Anabolic Response to Training

Nick Tiller presents six evidence-driven but seldom practised methods by which athletes can promote the anabolic process to maximise training adaptation, promote recovery and improve athletic performance.

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance

Pilates for Running

In this video TV presenter, personal trainer and Pilates expert Caroline Sandry takes you through a number of Pilates exercises that are of specific benefit to runners.

Warming up: the latest research into stretching

There’s increasing evidence that stretching before exercise doesn’t improve performance or reduce injury risk

Sports equipment: how to safely run in winter weather

Staying safe when running in the winter

Sports technology: running shoes should be designed according to gender

Male and female athletes have different running shoe requirements

Sports equipment: what are the right running shoes for you?

Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support for different running styles

Endurance training: building a strong base is the key to achieving optimum running fitness

Specialist running journalist Andy Barber talks to top endurance coach Nick Anderson

Achilles tendon injuries: A full guide

Achilles Tendonitis: Symptoms, prevention techniques and treatments

Fivefingers footwear is more efficient for runners than conventional running shoes

Fivefingers footwear for functional feet

Running Injuries: how to approach recovery training

Running places specific demands on the body, which lead to structural and functional adaptations

Injury prevention: the running mechanics behind achieving an injury free season

Taking a robust approach to running training

The Effect of Creatine on Runners

Creatine serum offers no advantages for runners

Running and body fat - walking the tightrope of optimum performance

How to lose fat through running

Time Efficient Running - run less to run faster?

Running efficiency training ideas

Running Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention and Stretching Advice for Runners

Backwards Running : The benefits of training backwards

Backwards Running : The benefits of training backwards

deep water running

Deep Water Running : Getting into deep water - why it can be good for fitness

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