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Training: altitude or sea-level

In related work carried out by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, competitive rowers who trained at sea level achieved significantly greater gains in fitness, compared to rowers who trained at altitude.

endurance training | Noel frost | rowing

In late 1996, at the age of 57, Noel Frost set two rowing world records in his sector - 55-59 male (heavy) - for the 30- and 60-minute distances. Here he describes months 2 and 3 of the training programme that led to the achievement

Methods, fitness, lung function

A critical look at recent research into training methods, fitness needs and lung function

treadmill training

Treadmill training: In mid-May, newspaper headlines trumpeted the news: treadmills are the best exercise device for individuals interested in burning calories and losing weight, beating stationary bicycles, stair machines, rowing devices, and cross-country ski machines by a whopping margin.

Noel frost | rowing world record

Noel Frost: How I started from nothing and won a rowing gold medal in nine months

rowing training

Rowing Training: Here's the start of a month-by-month rowing programme which led to two world records.

metabolic rate and exercise

Metabolic Rate And Exercise: Researchers have been trying to puzzle out the effects of exercise on energy expenditure (calorie burning) for decades.

rowing machine training

Rowing Machine Training: Our veteran rower moves into the third stage of his record-breaking programme.

Training to Win

To win, you must prepare yourself to be the winner - not simply to "do my best"

Pre-race dehydration

Pre-race Dehydration: When rowers try to meet international weight requirements for competition, they often resort to 24-hour, pre-race dehydration regimes in hopes of reaching the required weight.

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