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Musicians and exercise: how to avoid stage fright

Physically fit musicians may cope better with stage fright

Mental strength: performing under pressure

Mental strength - When you can manage your emotions, you can perform at your best

Sports Psychology: beating boredom to maintain motivation levels

Ergogenic aids

Sports psychology: how to motivate your athletes to help themselves

Improve your Motivational Skills to encourage Athlete Behavioural Change

Sports psychology: how swimmers approach training and competition

The importance of paying attention in sport

Fighting depression: aerobic exercise is proven to be more effective than antidepressants

Aerobic exercise is more effective than drugs in fighting depression

Anxiety before a competition can lead to insomnia

How crucial is a good night's sleep before a major event?

Sports psychology: can certain smells improve performance?

Researchers think they may have found a smell that could give you the advantage over your rivals

Sports psychology: athletes who resist this tool risk underperforming

Why some athletes so often resist the benefits of sports psychology

Sports psychology: how to perform under pressure

Five tips for building competition level self-confidence

Using sports psychology to treat lower back pain

How a young professional golfer used imagery to conquer his persistent lower back pain

Sports psychology: how improving your mental toughness will improve your overall performance as an athlete

Improving your mental strength is as important as improving for fitness and technique

exercise and depression

Exercise And Depression: Slimming down the body while fattening up the brain

Pressure training sessions

Pressure Training Sessions: How to keep your skills even when all about you are losing theirs.

Sports psychology: stress management in sport

How athletes can avoid emotional burnout in sport

Mental fatigue

Mental Fatigue: When your brain tells you to stop going, here's how to tell it to shut up.

Attitude training

Attitude Training: "Who is going to win? I am going to win!"


Motivation: Here's how to design a self-determined training programme that will drive you to new heights

mental fitness

Mental Fitness: When you can manage your emotions, you can perform at your best

Mood states

Mood States: High-level college swimmers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the States were studied for a research project published in 1991.

Sports nutrition: is there a link between cholesterol and depression?

Cholesterol plays some key roles inside the body so is too much or too little responsible for causing motivational problems for the athlete?

Fortifying the mind

To improve performance, you have to start by fortifying the mind.

athletes and sleep

Athletes And Sleep: Can they really hurt your performances?

The power of the cheerleader

Cheering someone on can boost their muscle power - it's been scientifically proven!

Sports psychology: Tennis

Sports Psychology: Tennis. How a promising young tennis player was rescued from the clutches of overtraining.

St john's wort | endurance athletes

Is St John's Wort a good mood-lifter for depressed endurance athletes?

St john's wort | endurance

Is St John's Wort a good mood-lifter for depressed endurance athletes?

Music and sport

Music and Sport: Music hath charms to soothe the savage workout - or perhaps it doesn't.

Anxiety and sport

Anxiety and sport: If you want to get rid of anxiety, go out and run for 10 hours.

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