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Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

Developing Self Confidence to become an Elite Tennis Player

Confidence in Tennis

The psychology of speed training

Mental preparation to enhance speed training and improve performance

Focusing attention on concentration

Attentional control in sport

Sports psychology: the theory of the decision training model in sport

Decision training is one way of developing intelligent athletes who can cut it in the chaotic sporting environment

Sports psychology: creating the right vibe in your training is vital for ensuring a productive session

If you are training where there is a good Vibe your performance will improve!

Sports psychology: developing a positive attitude towards pressure will improve performance

The psychological states associated with peak performance and how to achieve them regularly

Sports psychology: the role of emotion regulation, music and the coach-athlete relationship

How 10 years of sports psychology research can be utilised in your training programme

Sports psychology: the role of momentum in sports performance

The concept of psychological momentum in sport and ways to trigger, maintain and reverse it

Are you mentally tough enough?

Use these sports psychology techniques to improve your performance

Sports Psychology: the importance of long-term behaviour when creating a nutrition plan

The transtheoretical model of behaviour change for improving eating behaviour

Sport Psychology: how mental imagery and self-hypnosis can improve performance

Focusing your mind can result in huge performance gains

Sports equipment: how music and video can improve performance

Athletes value technology and coaches can build upon this by demonstrating how it can be used effectively to enhance performance

Sports psychology: brain training to enhance motor skills

Brain training exercises can result in succesful changes to your technique

Sports psychology: mental imagery can improve sports performance

Mental imagery can be defined as the process that occurs when we recreate experiences in the mind using information that is stored in the memory

Boxing: the psychology behind a successful boxer

Successful boxers must desensitise themselves to the effects of inflicting injury and accept personal risks each time they compete

Sport Psychology: listening to music can improve sports performance!

The relationship between music and sport

Motor Sport: the importance of concentration levels

Success in motorsport requires high-level decision-making skills and the ability to manage risk

Mountaineering: physiological and psychological training

How climbers can prepare effectively for living and exercising at altitude

Sports psychology: self-confidence in sport – make your ego work for you!

Self-confidence is not solely in the hands of fate, you are the person responsible for determining how confident you feel in a sporting encounter

Sports Psychology - Eating behaviours

New Ways to Develop and Assess an Athlete's Diet

Sports Anxiety Theory and Research

Competition Anxiety

Sports psychology: Post-game recovery for rugby players

Is exercise better than rest for psychological recovery after a game of rugby?

The sports psychology of tennis

Game, set, and match – developing resilient self-confidence in tennis

Competition Anxiety Needn't Get You Down

Learn how to control anxiety

Team sports have sports psychology benefits

Never walk alone

Sports Psychology and Yoga

How yoga and motivation exercises boost performance

Sports Psychology: Be Creative

'Tuning up' performance - music and videos as ergogenic aids

Motivation in Sports Psychology

The motivational dynamics of sport

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