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Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

This drill is great for developing uni-lateral (one foot) coordination as it challenges the movement skills of athletes. Hopping drills are also great for developing lower leg strength and power.

Strength training: focusing power on the movements and speed used in specific sports situations

Using power in specific sport situations

Speed and power training: understanding your fast twitch muscles will boost performance

The role of muscles and muscle fibre in sprinting

Power training to improve hitting, punching and upper body strength

Upper body power is crucial for optimum performance in numerous sports. The arms and torso both generate and control power. A rugby hand off or boxing punch are obvious examples of the former, whilst the latter takes a little more explaining. When performing a sports skill the torso acts as a transmission – controlling the forces that are generated.

Power training: developing upper body strength

Increasing upper body power in the arms and torso

Back Injuries: functional power and agility phase

Back injuries are very common both in sport and everyday life. Specific pain can generally be classified into acute lower back pain and mild to moderate lower back pain. It is not always possible to make a precise diagnosis of a specific back injury or condition but this should not prevent the pain from being managed or treated.

Recovery time: optimizing strength and power gains

Optimizing recovery periods for maximum strength and power gains

Strength training for female athletes

The benefits of strength training for young female athletes

Increase your Dynamic Hitting Power with Periodized Resistance Training and Shoulder Exercises

Resistance Training Programs: Big hitting for racquet sports

Zone Training: Planning Your Cycling Training Program

Zone Training for Cycling to help you get the Yellow Jersey

Strength Training for Basketball: How to improve your strength and power on the court

Improve Your Jumping Ability and Basketball Skills with the Right Weight Training Workout

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbags are an effective low cost alternative to medicine ball. This drill is alternative to the conventional shoulder press with a barbell, expect you accelerate through the movement allowing for greater power development. You can adjust the weight of the sandbag to suit your strength goals.

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

A progression from the One Foot in Each Rung drill, challenges the speed of co-ordination of the athlete. Have the athlete perform the drill correctly by asking them to start off slowly to get a feel of the movement.

Half Time Strategy - Temperature

Coping With The Effects of Temperature on The Pitch

Cycling Training: Aerodynamics and Stamina

Don't Let Drag Interfere With Your Cycling Training

Combining resistance training with periodisation

Altering the sequence of exercises and varying rest times will boost strength and power gains


The step-up

rotational power

Building rotational power: all you need to know about getting in shape to perform zippy turns on the hoof

power | endurance | veterans

Power v endurance: what goes first in the ageing stakes?

Power Training: plyometric exercises

Plyometric training closely mimics both the movement pattern and the speed of execution of actual sports performance

Power training: research shows increasing protein intake will improve performance

Power Athlete's Diet:

Strength training: resistance exercises to improve strength and power

Strength training: hill running to increase power

Hill running for strength training - Uphill sprints boost hip power

How to develop strength and power for swimmers

Weight assisted strength training is better than a traditional resistance programme for swimming

Power Training

Power Training: How contrast power training maximises performance

Running training: these medicine ball exercises will improve a runners strength and power

These medicine ball workouts can do wonders for running velocity and power.

Bone density and muscle mass

For endurance athletes, two of the key problems associated with getting older are a gradual decline in muscle mass and a potential loss of bone density. The missing muscle makes it more difficult to run, cycle or swim powerfully, and the shrinking bones increase the likelihood of injury and osteoporosis.

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