Looking for plyometric drills or plyometric training routines? Plyometrics can be good warm up exercises before running, help build fast twitch muscles and are good for power training. There is information here for the young athlete as well as weight training for older men… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Plyometric training: increase your speed and power

Boosting muscle and tendon strength with plyometric training

Plyometric Training: Two-footed Landing Drop (Depth) Jump

The drop or depth jump is a ‘plyometric’ exercise. It’s designed like other similar dynamic exercises to boost the power output of your muscles (and in particular their fast twitch fibre).

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

This drill is great for developing uni-lateral (one foot) coordination as it challenges the movement skills of athletes. Hopping drills are also great for developing lower leg strength and power.

How to make plyometrics sport specific

How to tailor a plyometric programme to the needs of specific sports, with the emphasis on younger athletes and the sport of basketball

Plyometric Training: how to jump higher to improve performance

Why plyometrics can enhance sport performance over and above simple resistance training

Combining plyometric and weight training to increase speed and power

Increasing your speed and power through contrast training

Plyometrics: including jumping exercises in your training programme can improve performance

Good jumping ability is a prerequisite for superior performance

Plyometric training exercise: the two-footed landing drop (depth) jump

Boost the power output of your muscles

Plyometric training: how jump training can help athletes improve their performance in any sport

The theory and practice of improving your jumping ability

Plyometric training: can it improve football performance?

Plyometric type exercises for power and speed are used with great effect but how useful are they for footballers?

Plyometrics: jumping to improve performance

The depth jump

Plyometric training can cause tendon injury if performed incorrectly

Highly sprung – maximising tendon health for running performance

Increase Vertical Leap and Improve Jumping Ability with Plyometrics

Plyometric Exercises to Make You Jump Higher and Further

The Drop Depth Jump: A plyometric exercise to increase vertical leap and improve jumping ability

Plyometrics Training: The drop depth jump

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbags are an effective low cost alternative to medicine ball. This drill is alternative to the conventional shoulder press with a barbell, expect you accelerate through the movement allowing for greater power development. You can adjust the weight of the sandbag to suit your strength goals.

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

A progression from the One Foot in Each Rung drill, challenges the speed of co-ordination of the athlete. Have the athlete perform the drill correctly by asking them to start off slowly to get a feel of the movement.

Sports News: Aquatic Plyometrics

The Benefits of Aquatic Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises: are they effective in improving upper body strength?

There is doubt over how useful plyometric training is for upper body development

complex training

Complex training: The potentiation effect - can one training mode really enhance another?

Power Training: plyometric exercises

Plyometric training closely mimics both the movement pattern and the speed of execution of actual sports performance

Strength training: comparing the effects of a traditional strength programme with plyometric training

Upper body strength training using plyometrics

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