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Lactate threshold heart-rate

Lactate Threshold Heart-rate: A question of distance, and how to work out your lactate threshold heart rate.

Physiology: how to improve performance by training the eyes

Athletes who have a highly tuned visual system have an advantage over their rivals

Fat as fuel

Fat As Fuel: What value are medium-chain triglycerides as an energy source for endurance athletes?


Bone-strengthening: The remarkable soya bean can help guard against osteoporosis, and that's only the beginning.

How increasing your lactate threshold will improve your fitness and performance

Intense training is the best lactate threshold booster because it improves the heart's capacity to deliver oxygen and the muscles' ability to use oxygen once it's delivered

Rats! Clenbuterol may reduce, not enhance, performance, and stiffen heart muscles to boot

Clenbuterol Side Effects


Lactate: How to boost lactate threshold and why it will lift your performances.

Upper body

Upper Body: How to develop the perfect sprinter's upper body, thanks to Linford Christie.

Alititude performance

Alititude Performance: If you are very fit, big and male, you will suffer more at altitude.

What effect does alcohol have on sports performance?

The biological effects of alcohol and how it relates to sport

Stored elastic energy

Stored Elastic Energy: Imagine the athletes' muscles are like the rubbery part of a catapult...

Achilles tendon, running economy and tendinitis

Having a short Achilles tendon may be an athlete's Achilles heel

Bone mass, menstrual function and calcium

Bone mass, menstrual function and calcium.

PMT and performance

PMT and performance

Body image

How sport improves the body image of adolescent girls.

Physical activity

Just how good is exercise for you? Damn good. In addition to improving your fitness and giving you more energy to carry out your everyday activities, regular exercise can limit your chances of suffering from a number of deadly - and not-so-deadly - diseases.

Bone building

The basis of a healthy body is a strong skeleton. Here's how to look after it.

Bone density and muscle mass

For endurance athletes, two of the key problems associated with getting older are a gradual decline in muscle mass and a potential loss of bone density. The missing muscle makes it more difficult to run, cycle or swim powerfully, and the shrinking bones increase the likelihood of injury and osteoporosis.

Does foot structure affect injury rate?

There's been considerable confusion concerning the effects of foot structure on injury rates. Some researchers - and large numbers of people in the population at large - believe that individuals with low-arched feet have weak foot structures and are more predisposed to injuries in the lower extremities.

Eating disorder athletes

Eating Disorder Athletes: Female athletes who are obsessed by food and body weight can develop anorexia athletica.

Coronary artery disease

Coronary Artery Disease: It's official: several scientific studies have now shown that it is possible to REVERSE the damaging effects of coronary atherosclerosis, the most deadly disease in the industrialized world.

Avoiding arthritis

Avoiding Arthritis: Stay slim when you're young - and avoid arthritis when you're older.

Fat loss: weight training can increase the quantity of fat that you burn while you sleep

How to lose up to two pounds of fat a year while you're asleep!

The testosterone effect

The Testosterone Effect: If you're training the right way, your gonads get into the act.

Keeping cool

Keeping Cool: These nine warm-weather training tips might save your life

Fat burning: how working out in the cold can reduce your fat levels

Exercising in the cold air can help hot up your fat-burning fires.

Sports massage: sore muscles

Muscle soreness: massage and delayed onset muscle soreness

Sports Sleeping: Lack of sleep can effect performance

Lack of sleep can reduce an athlete's cardiovascular performance by 11%. These are the measures to take...

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