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Muscle soreness: prevention and treatment of injury

Muscle soreness is the bane of all athletes because it's connected with low muscular power outputs and an inability to carry out high-quality workouts and competitions.

Menstruation and lower bone density

Running tends to increase bone density in the legs, thwarting osteoporosis in that part of the body, but there have been disturbing reports that running can produce lower-than-normal bone thicknesses in the lumbar spine.

Building bone-mass

Building Bone-mass: Hoping to build bone mass? Try squash and weight lifting!

Plasma expansion

If you're an endurance athlete, you need more blood than the individual who sits around watching the telly.


Weight trainers miss out on the "runner's high"

Using pre-participation and muscle imbalance screening to reduce injury

Why detecting muscle imbalance is an essential part of an injury-prevention strategy

tapering | the importance of tapering

TApering: What exactly happens inside your body when you taper - and why you should do it more often

sports injuries benefits

You may not appreciate it at the time, but an injury can teach you a lot about how your body works

Gluteal muscles

Gluteal Muscles: The glutes are key muscles for people with back problems

Physiology & performance

What time is it inside your body? The answer may determine the effectiveness of your training - and your performance

Menstruation & exercise

Why 'the curse' is often lifted for female athletes

Visual training

Why visual training programmes for sport don't work

Diet and exercise

How understanding protein dynamics can aid muscle and strength development

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 1

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews - Warning: reliance on a heart monitor can seriously damage your performance

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews - Warning: reliance on a heart monitor can seriously damage your performance

Sprinters | sleep

Sprinters and Sleep: If you're a sprinter, you needn't worry about losing a night's sleep.

Running at max capacity

This new research confirms that the also-rans are working every bit as hard as the winners

How diet and exercises can lead to coronary heart disease

A round up of the effects diet and activity levels have on the cardio system

Bone health

Osteoporosis ('brittle bones') isn't just a problem for post menopausal women. Both younger women and men are at risk from this disease.

HDL cholesterol | exercise | heart disease prevention

Here's further proof that the more you run, the more you protect yourself against heart trouble.

athletes and sleep

Athletes And Sleep: Can they really hurt your performances?

Distance running & testosterone

Distance Running & Testosterone: Can distance running determine the sex of your children

Nose strips | Breathe Right External Nasal Dilator,

Here's the scientific verdict on those nose strips - the damned things don't work

Portable lactate analyzer

Portable Lactate Analyzer: If you want to work out your blood-lactate level, this palm-size American gizmo is surprisingly accurate.

Biological clocks

Biological clock-watching can give your performance an extra boost.

Age and fat

Age And Fat: As you get older, do you have to get fatter?

Bone density

Bone Density: Endurance exercise and bone density in male athletes

exercise | weight loss | fat

If the pounds come off deceptively easily, beware! It's not fat that you're losing.

mitochondria functions and research

Mitochondria Functions - More mitochondria mean more PBs, but what do you have to do to get them?

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