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football children

Why football is good for children


Osteoarthritis: What happens when you hang up your sports kit - for good?


Menstruation: Cycling proficiency - do the various menstrual phases affect athletic performance?

sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

lactic acid | lactate

Lactic acid: Lactate - 'bad guy' no longer, but rather one of the body's most vital fuels

muscle glycogen stores

Muscle glycogen stores: Supercompensation only works once

asthma risk | athletes

Asthma - Lower asthma risk for amateur athletes

fitness and brain power

Fitness and brain power - How fitness protects the ageing brain

fitness and memory

Fitness and memory - How fitness improves memory in mid-life

power | endurance | veterans

Power v endurance: what goes first in the ageing stakes?

exercise induced asthma

Exercise induced asthma: Take a deep breath - and learn to manage your asthma without falling foul of doping regulations

inspiratory stridor

Inspiratory stridor - How do you deal with 'asthma' when the drugs don't work?

blood pressure | exercise

Good news about exercise and blood pressure

exercise-induced cardiac fatigue

Is exercise-induced cardiac fatigue caused by damage to the heart muscle?

Ethiopian endurance running

Nature and nurture in Ethiopian endurance running success

sauna-induced weight loss

Risks of sauna-induced weight loss

exercise in the heat | pre-cooling techniques

Pre-cooling techniques increase performance in the heat

sports vision training

Sports vision - How enhancing your vision can give you that extra edge in competition

Eating disorders in sport: how athletes are putting themselves at risk

Too thin to win: athletes who lose weight to enhance performance are dangerously misguided

How Good is the 'Bod Pod'?

Body Composition - Fat Measurement: How Good is the 'Bod Pod'?

Osteoporosis in athletes: how distance running puts female athletes at risk

Osteoporosis: Why distance running can be bad for bones

Bone Maintenance in Older Runners

Bone Maintenance in Older Runners

Quadriceps: concentric and eccentric muscle contractions

Concentric and Eccentric Quadriceps Contractions

Body Image: do boys have an obsession with their appearance?

When boys care more than girls about their body image

Heat Training: heat exposure may not hinder sports performance

How temperature affects performance - Why Heat's Not Such a Bad Thing

Neural Training: a unique approach to sports training

Neural Training

Ergogenic Aids: can increasing oxygen levels improve sports performance?

When supplementation with oxygen really helps performance.

Fluid: the one thing your body can't learn to do without

Fluid: the one thing your body can't learn to do without

Body Fat- improve your immunity and endurance levels

Athletes: increase your body fat levels!

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