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Bodybuilders: myths about nutrition

Bodybuilders: Myths About Nutrition: How do bodybuilders keep going on this diet of myths and contradictions?

Hot-weather workouts | salt

Salt is not your enemy after hot weather workouts


Ginseng, which has been used as a tonic and restorative for over 5000 years in China, is one of the most popular new nutritional supplements for athletes, but research into ginseng's effects on athletic performance has yielded ambiguous results.

Fat | body fat levels | cyclists

As competitive cyclists search for ways to improve their workouts and performances, they often focus on their body-fat levels. Most cyclists want to get rid of surplus body fat so that they will have less "excess baggage" to carry as they train and compete.

Sports nutrition: how your diet affects your immune system when you exercise

Exercise is not always kind to the human immune system


Caffeine proves less of a help to team sports sprinters

Diet and exercise

How understanding protein dynamics can aid muscle and strength development

Sports supplements

Experts determine what's really in bee pollen - but does the stuff actually work?

Drinking carbohydrate

Drinking Carbohydrate: Solving the problem of how to deliver the most carbohydrate with the maximum amount of fluid

Marathon carbohydrates

Marathon Carbohydrates: Which works best before and during a marathon: carbs in liquid or solid form?


Thiamin: If you rely too much on snacks and convenience foods, you may be short of B1.

Carbohydrate snacks

Carbohydrate Snacks: Can you save money, and achieve the same benefits, by making your own?


Carbos are just for endurance athletes, aren't they? Not necessarily - although there is little documented information on the relationship between carbo-hydrate ingestion and resistance exercise, it's common practice for weightlifters, body builders, powerlifters and other athletes involved in resistance training programmes to consume carbohydrate drinks with the hope of improving their performance.


Why MCTs alone don't work.

Boosting omega-3

Boosting Omega-3: Should you consider stepping up your omega-3 intake to improve your mental state? One way to boost omega-3 in your diet would be to eat more fish, and it's interesting to note that fish-eating people have considerably lower rates of depression, compared to beef- and pork-eating ones.

Protein supplements

Protein supplements take three main forms - predigested protein, 'free' amino acids, and specific individual amino acids.

Sports nutrition: are carbohydrates bad for your diet?

Peak Performance assesses Barry Sears' so called miracle Zone Diet


Honey makes you go faster

Fluid replacement

Fluid Replacement: If you're exercising for an hour or less in moderate temperatures, taking in water may actually hamper performance


Tea: A cuppa can help you take the strain, but only when you drink it black.

Omega-3 and breast-feeding

Since omega-3s are so critical for brain function, it's not surprising that the quantity of omega-3s in infants' diets can have a significant impact on brain development.

endurance athletes immune systems

Endurance athletes who swill a carbohydrate drink are not only helping their muscles but also their immune systems.

Dhea Danger | Dhea Benefits | Dhea

Dhea Danger And Dhea Benefits: Is DHEA really, as some suggest, the fountain of youth in a bottle?

Vitamin C & Zinc

Do these popular supplements really reduce your risk of getting a cold?

sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition: How what you eat can stop you getting hurt.

Sports nutrition: should athletes use fat or carbohydrate as fuel?

The fat 'fuel tank' is much bigger than the carbohydrate one but that doesn't mean it should be filled more often

Are you getting enough salt during recovery?

How a salty drink can actually quench your thirst after heavy exercise

Glycaemic index

Glycaemic Index: Things mother forgot to tell you about the glycaemic index of your food - and how it influences your training

Sports nutritional supplements survey

Sports Nutritional Supplements Survey: what the nutrition experts take

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