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Carbohydrates: Forget fancy supplements - carbohydrates are even more important than you'd thought, for strength as well as endurance

Sports nutrition: a training strategy for protein consumption

There is more to protein intake than simply eating the right amount

chinese athletes

Chinese Athletes: Chinese Nutrition

vitamin e

Vitamin E: Vitamin E and immunity

carbohydrate mouthwash

Carbohydrate mouthwash is ergogenic

serum ferritin levels | iron overload

Serum ferritin levels: Iron overload in cyclists


Can antioxidants help reduce post-exercise soreness?

muscle glycogen stores

Muscle glycogen stores: Supercompensation only works once

nutrition for football

Nutrition for football: 'Your role is to make sure there are no fat b******s in my team'

hydration in football

Hydration football - It used to be oranges in the centre circle... now it's a personal hydration strategy

football referees

Football referees - Dehydration problems for the men in black

degenerative joints | veteran athletes

Degenerative joints - The best foods and supplements to protect your joints from age-related degeneration

sport nutrition

Sport nutrition - How athletes can benefit from world consensus on sport nutrition

Sports nutrition: carbohydrate loading is an important aspect of post exercise recovery

Loading up with carbohydrates during recovery from strenuous exercise promotes a high level of muscle glycogen resynthesis

Haile Gebrselassie and sports drinks

Haile Gebrselassie - How Fast Might Geb Have Run the London Marathon with the Help of a Good Sports Drink?

Fluid Balance - Caffeine and Hydration

Fluid Balance - Caffeine and Hydration

Carbo loading- managing your glycogen intake without overloading on glucose.


Hydration in Athletes

Hydration in Athletes

Sports Nutrition: Glycogen levels need to be replenished post exercise

Glycogen synthesis: your post-exercise plan

Zone Diet: you can't live off just carbohydrate, protein and fat

Zone Diet Is a No-No

Colostrum sports supplement | Athletes | Mother's Milk

Colostrum sports supplement: Why Mother's Milk Is Best for Athletes

Sports Drinks: carbohydrates improve sports performance

Carbohydrate Enhances Vigilance

Sports Nutrition: the rise of anorexia and other eating disorders

Anorexia Nervosa - Elite Runners are at high risk of eating disorders

Food, Drink and Exercise: Why Timing is Everything

How to maximise muscle glycogen

Sports Nutrition: increasing fat intake can improve endurance levels

High-fat Gains for Ultra-endurance Performance

Macronutrients - carbohydrates should be the fuel of choice for serious athletes

As competition day looms athletes should aim for a high-carbohydrate intake

Fluid: the one thing your body can't learn to do without

Fluid: the one thing your body can't learn to do without

Power training: research shows increasing protein intake will improve performance

Power Athlete's Diet:

Dehydration: can it lead to bone disease?

Rehydration to prevent sports injury

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