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Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Recommended Protein Intake to Build Muscle Mass

Optimum protein intake levels for athletes and when to take protein to build muscle

Carbohydrate drinks, gels and bars

Why two carbs are better than one

Resistance training and muscle protein synthesis

Latest research to increase strength and muscle mass

Maximising the Anabolic Response to Training

Nick Tiller presents six evidence-driven but seldom practised methods by which athletes can promote the anabolic process to maximise training adaptation, promote recovery and improve athletic performance.

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance

Hydration and recovery: it's vital you replace the salt and electrolytes lost through sweating

Losing too much fluid will not only mean that you can’t physically perform as well, but that you can’t think and make decisions as well either.

Sports nutrition: the effects of green tea on sports performance

The health benefits of green tea and the implications for endurance athletes

Sports nutrition: the role of carbohydrates in endurance sports

How 'carbohydrate rinsing' can boost sports performance

Sports nutrition: practical advice on carbohydrates, hydration and antioxidants

How 10 years of sports nutritional research can be utilised in your training programme

Sports nutrition: the latest research into low glycogen training

Could training when muscle carbohydrate stores are low be advantageous to athletes?

Sports nutrition: are protein drinks effective in boosting sports performance?

New research suggests that there’s less evidence for adding protein to carbohydrate than many would have us believe

Sports nutrition: is dietary nitrate the key to enhanced endurance performance?

Dietary nitrate can aid mental and physical performance for athletes.

Sports Psychology: the importance of long-term behaviour when creating a nutrition plan

The transtheoretical model of behaviour change for improving eating behaviour

Sports Nutrition: does sodium bicarbonate supplementation improve performance?

New research suggests taking sodium bicarbonate before you train boosts endurance levels

Sports nutrition: a bean salad recipe suitable for all athletes

This bean salad recipe packs a delicious nutritional punch

Sports nutrition: strengthening your immune system

How the right nutrition can help prevent coughs, colds and flu in the winter

Sports supplements: a guide to energy drinks

The role of sports drinks in an athletes diet

Sports nutrition: eating breakfast is vital in aiding recovery

Breakfast is vital for helping your metabolic and energy-producing processes swing into action

Sports Nutrition: spanish omelette recipe

How to cook an omelette and its nutritional benefits to the athlete

Recovery: how the right nutrition can help prevent overtraining

Specific nutritional practices can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery

Sports nutrition: recovery drink recipe

The importance of sports nutrition and how to make the perfect recovery drink

Sports nutrition: can you eat your way to recovery?

When injury strikes, one aspect of recovery that is often overlooked is nutrition

Sports Nutrition: planning all year round to ensure optimal sports performance

The difference between every day nutrition and training/recovery nutrition

Weight loss: can you lose weight effectively on a protein diet?

Protein and weight control

Energy drink: do protein shakes improve performance?

Should you add protein to sports drinks?

Nutritional Supplements: BCAA and its effect on sports performance

BCAA supplements- the latest evidence

Fat Burning: using body fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel

Fat oxidation through intense exercise

Sports Nutrition: triglycerides can provide athletes with a valuable energy source

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT): How fatty acids can improve sports performance

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