Sports Nutrition: Muscle recovery

The Perfect Recovery Drink

Muscle recovery and Strength Training

Does such a thing exist? The answer may be ‘yes’, according to US researcher Dr A H Manninen. In a review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, he suggests that nutritional mixtures containing protein hydrolysates, added leucine and high-glycaemic carbohydrates may promote increased muscle growth and strength.

Having studied the available literature, Dr Manninen believes that drinks containing these particular ingredients greatly augment insulin secretion by comparison with high-glycaemic carbs alone.

He points out that when high post-exercise blood levels of insulin, induced by carbohydrate ingestion, is accompanied by increased levels of amino acids, induced by protein hydrolysate and leucine ingestion, net protein deposition in muscle should be the result.

‘Thus’, he concludes, ‘post-exercise recovery drinks containing these nutrients, in conjunction with appropriate resistance training, may lead to increased skeletal muscle hypertrophy and strength.

‘If so, such post-exercise supplements would be of considerable benefit not only to athletes but also to anyone who has lost muscle function through disease... Future studies should evaluate their long-term effects on body composition and exercise performance.’

Br J Sports Med 2006; 40:900-905

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