Are you a football player who wants to learn how to play football better? Or are you coaching football? These articles will give you the training techniques to use in football training to improve you and your team’s football skills… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Sports Injury: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Facts

New findings on ACL injuries in football

Powerful, Accurate and Injury Free Kicking - A Mental Guide

Kicking Training for Rugby and Football

Football coaching - half time psychology

Make sure your football coaching mentally prepares you for the second half!

tournament football

Tournament Football : What Sven can learn from research in the lead-up to the 2006 World Cup

stretching football

Stretching football: Stretching no help to kicking in football

Recovery training: active recovery (light exercise) is recommended over passive (resting) recovery for the removal of lactate

Recovery training decreases fatigue, accelerates physiological regeneration, enhances adaptation and decreases the risk of injury

strength football

Strength training for footballers

hamstring strains

Hamstring strains

football children

Why football is good for children

nutrition for football

Nutrition for football: 'Your role is to make sure there are no fat b******s in my team'

hydration in football

Hydration football - It used to be oranges in the centre circle... now it's a personal hydration strategy

Football Managers

Football managers - Who is there to support the managers? A psychologist reflects on survival techniques in a cut-throat world

football referees

Football referees - Dehydration problems for the men in black

football fitness

Football fitness - The role of personal fitness in team success

hamstring strains

Hamstring strains: the most common injuries in football

football injury prevention

Football injury prevention

Strength training for hamstrings

Developing the full range of strength in this exercise will give an athlete a very good level of hamstring strength

soccer fitness training

Soccer fitness training: Endurance training boosts performance in the field

training for football and rugby

Football and rugby teams pre-season training

Osteoarthritis: hip injuries in footballers

Hip injuries in footballers - osteoarthritis of the hip

Michael Owen: could his hamstring injuries be avoided by a change in running technique?

Michael Owen injury nightmare

Head injury: research suggests footballers are not at risk of brain damage

Footballers are not in danger of experiencing brain damage

Fitness for football

Fitness For Football: Endurance training boosts performance in the field

Football training: how to take a penalty kick

How to win the penalty shoot-out mind game

How nutrition can help soccer players overcome the second-half slump

New research suggests soccer players need better nutrition

The eyes: soccer

The Eyes: Soccer: What makes a topnotch football player different from a mediocre performer? One key difference is in the way their eyes move, according to researchers at the University of Liverpool and the University of Manchester.

Speed parachutes

Speed Parachutes: Displaying their bold maize and blue colors, the chutes billow out behind runners during workouts, attached by cords to the athletes' chests.

Soccer Refs

Top flight soccer refs cover 11k-plus per match, says new study

Training dietary regimes

Training Dietary Regimes: You can lead a footballer to a proper diet, but can you make him eat it?

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