If you need fitness tips for getting in shape, these fitness articles will help you reach goals you have set for yourself. How can you overcome muscle soreness? Here is a wealth of health and fitness research provided by experts who place physical fitness as a top priority. To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Squash, age, fitness and risk

Squash, Age, Fitness And Risk: New research conducted by T. Reilly and D. Halsall at the Centre for Sport and Exercise at Liverpool John Moore University has shown that regular competitive squash has considerable health benefits but that older recreational players should approach the game with due care.


Conditioning: Next to cross-country skiing, running is the best type of fitness training for all sports.

Aerobic fitness: a training programme to boost your VO2 Max

Improving fitness levels by boosting your VO2 Max

Inline skating | running endurance training | VO2max

In-line skating training helps running endurance and increases VO2max.

Intense training versus volume training

A new German study confirms that increasing intensity works better than upswings in volume.

metabolic rate and exercise

Metabolic Rate And Exercise: Researchers have been trying to puzzle out the effects of exercise on energy expenditure (calorie burning) for decades.

running form | biomechanics | running style

Running form: How you can become a better runner without increased fitness - with the right form.

Aerobic system: interval training to improve fitness

Aerobic Interval Training: You can vary the intensity, the work period and the rest period but which combination is most effective?

anaerobic performance testing

Here's a new running-based test of anaerobic performance for which you need only a stopwatch and a calculator.

aerobic energy system | football

Football: What are the energy demands in this "maximal intermittent exercise"?

exercise bike training when injured

Exercise Bike Trianing When Injured: The best workout to maintain fitness when you're injured.

How increasing your lactate threshold will improve your fitness and performance

Intense training is the best lactate threshold booster because it improves the heart's capacity to deliver oxygen and the muscles' ability to use oxygen once it's delivered


Lactate: How to boost lactate threshold and why it will lift your performances.

Quantifying intensity

Quantifying Intensity: How to use heart rate to quantify your fitness training intensity.

V02max training programmes

V02max training programmes: If you want to win, train at a high percentage of V02max.

Crash training can be applied to all sports where fitness is a major factor

Doubling or even trebling the training load can produce amazing results, but you have to follow strict rules.

Performance tests

How to monitor your maximal running speed, your power and your endurance - in training.

emergency training | cycling training

If you need to get into competitive shape fast, follow the example of these South African cyclists.

Aerobic training

Do the young respond more effectively to aerobic training? Don't you believe it. We hear it all the time: old people can't respond to training as young people do.

"run-play" training

"run-play" Training: These workouts can boost fitness, speed, endurance and correct weaknesses - and are fun to do.


" VersaClimbing" produces higher oxygen consumption than rowing or running, but a better workout?

soccer exercise | aerobic system

Soccer exercise energy demands

Recovery training: reducing your training and increasing your recovery time will lead to sizable gains in your fitness

To reach peak levels of performance, athletes need to find a way to blend very hard training with exactly the right amounts of rest and recovery

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