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Cardiovascular Endurance: respiratory training can improve performance

Will training your breathing muscles boost your performance?

Fitness Testing: Four simple ways to keep a check on your overall fitness levels

Fitness Testing

Lactic Acid: a fitness assessment to measure your lactate levels

How to keep an eye on your lactate acid levels

Ergogenic Aids: can increasing oxygen levels improve sports performance?

When supplementation with oxygen really helps performance.

Periodisation training ensures athletes experience regular fitness and performance improvements

If you want to improve your performance, you can’t train in the same way all the time

Cardiovascular Fitness: will increasing oxygen levels improve performance?

Ergogenic Aids - Oxygen Supplementation

Training intensity: understanding your VO2max will enable you to produce a more effective training programme

Training intensity - To find out which level of intensity is right for you, first work out your intensity 'domains'

Fitness training: how to design a sports-specific fitness programme

The principles behind designing a sports specific programme and the training methods that should be employed

Cycling training: endurance cyclists can improve their VO2 max by increasing their exercise intensity

These simple workouts will help cyclists boost their VO2max.

Preparing for competition: tapering produces positive competition results

Tapering - pre-competition training

Fitness workouts: how to increase your VO2max

New vVO2max workouts lead to impressive gains in fitness

Exercise equipment: what is the best fitness machine in the gym?

The best exercise machines to improve your fitness.

Fitness for football

Fitness For Football: Endurance training boosts performance in the field

Endurance training: both anaerobic and aerobic training is vital for optimal endurance performance

Conventional training for distance events is dead: now you need to work on your anaerobic power

VO2 Max: can veteran athletes prevent a decline in aerobic capacity?

The role of aerobic exercise in the veteran endurance athlete

Aerobic exercise: everything you need to know about Maximal Lactate Steady State Pace

An easy way for runners to estimate Maximal Lactate Steady State pace

Aerobic capacity: how to boost oxygen uptake

Endurance coach Olaf Astrand states that maximum oxygen uptake can be improved by up to 20% if a work rate of above 80% is achieved


Knowing Your Vo2max: Does your laboratory really know your V02max?


Calculating Vo2max: Make sure you have your doctor's permission before carrying out the following test.

Karate v aerobic dance

Karate and aerobic dance are increasingly popular - but apparently dissimilar - activities. While the goal of aerobic dance is improved fitness, karate is usually used to increase self-confidence and one's ability to protect oneself, and the actual fitness benefits associated with karate have been considered to be fairly modest.

Anaerobic training

Anaerobic Training: If you're a 5K runner, don't neglect the crucial 7 per cent


Vo2max Predicts Performance

Lactate threshold: 2-2 t-20

Since I first started attaching a fairly specific intensity to lactate-threshold workouts about 10 years ago, the whole idea of threshold training seems to have gained in popularity.


Vo2max Defined: For years V02max has been referred to as a gold standard of aerobic fitness. It is simply a physiological index that can be measured while you are exercising.

Hyperoxic training | cycling training

How "hyperoxic" training dramatically improves cycling performance.

Training: altitude or sea-level

In related work carried out by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, competitive rowers who trained at sea level achieved significantly greater gains in fitness, compared to rowers who trained at altitude.

Fitness training: sequencing your training for maximum performance

How sequencing your training determines your overall fitness

Interval Training: how to improve your fitness and increase your VO2max

Training at intensities above 90% VO2max is one of the most potent routes to fitness

Recovery training: how to regain your fitness post injury

The quickest way to get your fitness back after a lay-off is to find a three-minute hill!

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