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Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

Sleep deprivation

Sleep your way to better performance

High-intensity training

High-intensity training: one size doesn’t fit all

Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Strength and fitness training: the weighted sled

The weighted sled provides a number of training opportunities to develop numerous facets of fitness. It is versatile enough to develop anaerobic and aerobic fitness and is therefore a suitable means of training for many athletes.

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

This drill is great for developing uni-lateral (one foot) coordination as it challenges the movement skills of athletes. Hopping drills are also great for developing lower leg strength and power.

The psychology of speed training

Mental preparation to enhance speed training and improve performance

Interval training: good for health as well as performance!

Intervals benefit performance at all levels of sport

Maximising the Anabolic Response to Training

Nick Tiller presents six evidence-driven but seldom practised methods by which athletes can promote the anabolic process to maximise training adaptation, promote recovery and improve athletic performance.

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance

Upper Body Power

Upper body power is crucial for optimum performance in numerous sports. The arms and torso both generate and control power. A rugby hand off or boxing punch are obvious examples of the former, whilst the latter takes a little more explaining.

Acupuncture: is there any point?

Sports therapy: What athletes should know about using acupuncture to improve sport performance

Warming up: the latest research into stretching

There’s increasing evidence that stretching before exercise doesn’t improve performance or reduce injury risk

Endurance training: building a strong base is the key to achieving optimum running fitness

Specialist running journalist Andy Barber talks to top endurance coach Nick Anderson

Strength and fitness training: how using a weighted sled can improve your performance

Sled training provides a number of training opportunities to develop performance

Fitness training for female athletes

Female game players need high fitness levels as well as technical and tactical skills in order to reach the top

The aerobic and anaerobic energy systems

Training the right energy system in relation to your sport will ensure optimum performance. By John Shepherd.

Concurrent training: how to simultaneously train upper and lower body strength, muscular endurance and flexibility

Research suggests that concurrent training can train several aspects of fitness at once

The ‘slow component’ of VO2 – understand it to go faster!

Practical recommendations for reducing the impact of the VO2 slow component

Fitness Training: VO2 Kinetics and Oxygen Kinetics to Enhance Exercise Performance

The concepts of VO2 kinetics and the O2 deficit

Fitness Training for Rugby Union

Rugby conditioning: the fitness standards rugby players and coaches should be aiming for

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbags are an effective low cost alternative to medicine ball. This drill is alternative to the conventional shoulder press with a barbell, expect you accelerate through the movement allowing for greater power development. You can adjust the weight of the sandbag to suit your strength goals.

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

Ladder Drill: Two Feet in Each Rung

A progression from the One Foot in Each Rung drill, challenges the speed of co-ordination of the athlete. Have the athlete perform the drill correctly by asking them to start off slowly to get a feel of the movement.

Fitness training: Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise

Chronobiology – how timing could give you the edge

Heart Vitality Training and Heart Rate Monitors as Aids to Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance - keeping your cardiovascular system in shape


Detraining - why a change really is better than a rest

deep water running

Deep Water Running : Getting into deep water - why it can be good for fitness

football fitness

Football fitness - The role of personal fitness in team success

soccer fitness training

Soccer fitness training: Endurance training boosts performance in the field

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