Get free exercise tips from these articles for aerobic exercises, abdominal exercises, stretching exercises and other work outs to bolster your daily exercise routine. There is information on leg exercises – like step-ups, squats and the leg press – as well as arm exercises from the complex down to the classic press up… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.


Longevity: Exercise helps you to live longer, but how important is intensity?

Exercise & low-fat

Exercise & Low-fat: Exercise doubles the cholesterol-lowering effect of a low-fat diet.

Pregnant athletes: is it safe to exercise when you're pregnant?

Practical recommendations for pregnant women who wish to exercise

Nose strips

Nose Strips: The supposed benefits are literally a widening of the nostrils, reducing resistance to air flow, thereby allowing easier breathing (the strips were originally developed to assist sleep and help people with breathing problems).

treadmill training

Treadmill training: In mid-May, newspaper headlines trumpeted the news: treadmills are the best exercise device for individuals interested in burning calories and losing weight, beating stationary bicycles, stair machines, rowing devices, and cross-country ski machines by a whopping margin.

no pain no gain

Does exercise really have a pain-killing effect?

metabolic rate and exercise

Metabolic Rate And Exercise: Researchers have been trying to puzzle out the effects of exercise on energy expenditure (calorie burning) for decades.

muscle building

Muscle building: Squats, leg press or knee extensions - which exercise is best for the quads?

Exercising when ill

Exercising When Ill: Is it sensible to exercise when you're ill?

Anxiety and sport

Anxiety and sport: If you want to get rid of anxiety, go out and run for 10 hours.

Hot weather exercise

What's the key to hot-weather exercise? Produce " weaker" sweat.

Physical activity

Just how good is exercise for you? Damn good. In addition to improving your fitness and giving you more energy to carry out your everyday activities, regular exercise can limit your chances of suffering from a number of deadly - and not-so-deadly - diseases.


Meditation: Good news for the immune system: meditation can modify the effects of strenuous exercise.


Synergy: How diet and exercise interact to prevent disease - a research summary.

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