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Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

High-intensity training

High-intensity training: one size doesn’t fit all

Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

Ladder Drill Hopping Two Forward One Back

This drill is great for developing uni-lateral (one foot) coordination as it challenges the movement skills of athletes. Hopping drills are also great for developing lower leg strength and power.

Interval training: good for health as well as performance!

Intervals benefit performance at all levels of sport

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance

Warming up: the latest research into stretching

There’s increasing evidence that stretching before exercise doesn’t improve performance or reduce injury risk

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbag Shoulder Press Throw

Sandbags are an effective low cost alternative to medicine ball. This drill is alternative to the conventional shoulder press with a barbell, expect you accelerate through the movement allowing for greater power development. You can adjust the weight of the sandbag to suit your strength goals.

Health and Fitness: Heart Disease

How much exercise protects against heart disease?

Low-intensity workouts lead to weight loss

Exercise intensity and weight loss

Exhaustive Exercise and Ginseng benefits

Effects of Panax ginseng extract on exercise-induced oxidative stress

Children, Exercise, and Injury

How sport leads to concussion in children

Fitness training: Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise

Chronobiology – how timing could give you the edge

Press-Ups, A New Take On An Old Favourite

Press-Ups - varying approaches to ensure you get the most

body composition exercise

Body Composition & Exercise: Exercise intensity and body composition


The step-up

exercise research

Exercise research -What influences exercise in adulthood?

exercise-induced cardiac fatigue

Is exercise-induced cardiac fatigue caused by damage to the heart muscle?

exercise addiction

Exercise addiction

Food, Drink and Exercise: Why Timing is Everything

How to maximise muscle glycogen

Arthritis: how sufferers can still regularly exercise

Cautious exercise can be beneficial for arthritis sufferers

How exercise protects and strengthens your heart (1)

How exercise protects your heart: 1

How exercise protects and strengthens your heart (2)

How exercise protects your heart: 2

Sports training: choosing the right exercise workout

The True Effects of Various Workouts - and How to Answer that Key Question: What Do I Do on Monday?

fat burning zone

Fat burning zone - Why athletes, fitness enthusiasts and slimmers should steer clear of the fat burning zone

Fighting depression: aerobic exercise is proven to be more effective than antidepressants

Aerobic exercise is more effective than drugs in fighting depression

Exercise equipment

Exercise Equipment: Is treadmill training a help or hindrance for the serious athlete?

exercise and depression

Exercise And Depression: Slimming down the body while fattening up the brain


Aquarunning: Why aquarunning didn't work for these inexperienced athletes.

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