Looking to take your endurance training to the next step? These articles tell you about muscular endurance and more, intended for use by those into marathon running, long distance cycling, competitive swimming and more. Do you know the difference between detraining and overtraining? The effects of ephedrine? Read on to find out… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Circuit training for endurance athletes

A series of workouts designed to increase both strength and fitness

Marathon training: race pacing for endurance athletes

An insight into how Kenyan runners pace themselves during distance running events

Altitude training

Altitude Training: If altitude training doesn't work, then why are the Kenyan runners so quick?

Strength and endurance

Strength And Endurance

veronique billat | exercise research:

Veronique Billat - Exercise Research

ultra-distance competitions | female athletes

Ultra-distance competitions - Go long, young woman!

Altitude v sea level

Why has the progression of world records slumped since endurance athletes began training at altitude?


Triglycerides: Putting medium-chain triglycerides in your sports drink can increase your endurance.

Workout value

The heart of the matter: here's a novel way to monitor your training load.

Boosting vo2max

Boosting Vo2max: Competitive endurance cyclists are always searching for ways to boost their aerobic capacities (V02max) but are seldom quite sure about which workouts will produce the greatest effect.

Carbo loading: depletion phase

Carbo nutrition


Endurance athletes can still take caffeine before their long-distance efforts, even though no study has ever linked the nerve-jangling chemical with heightened competitive performances over marathon-type distances.

endurance athletes illnesses

Anti oxidants may lower risk of respiratory tract infections in endurance athletes.

Plasma expansion

If you're an endurance athlete, you need more blood than the individual who sits around watching the telly.

Endurance exercise

Endurance Exercise: If at first you don't succeed, should you exercise or eat chocolate?

Endurance training: strength training exercises

These three strength-training exercises will improve your stride length and frequency

Time-splitting and race results

If it makes sense to run the second half faster than the first, then why do the Kenyans go out so fast?

endurance athletes immune systems

Endurance athletes who swill a carbohydrate drink are not only helping their muscles but also their immune systems.

female endurance running

Why is it that women don't slow down as much as men do when they go for the long one?

Women slow down less than men 2

Why is it that women don't slow down as much as men do when they go for the long one?

Bone density

Bone Density: Endurance exercise and bone density in male athletes

Endurance running

The slippery problem of taking in sustenance when you're on the move.

Leg strength | knee injury risks

Leg strength and knee injury risks for endurance athletes: If you're a footballer, your knees are most at risk towards the end of a match.

Speed training for endurance athletes

Speed training is important for distance runners

Cross Training Workouts

Cross Training Workouts

Endurance training for master athletes

How master athletes can reduce the decline of their endurance levels

Winning: 1

If you want to reach your peak level of performance and be a winner, especially in an endurance sport, you must accomplish five critical tasks:

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