If you have questions about performance enhancing drugs in sports, this is where you’ll find answers. Is creatine safe? How about ribose, salbutamol and ephedrine? Doping in sports is a hot topic, so read on to find out… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Steroids in sports: The effects on blood pressure

Steroids - How steroids raise blood pressure

performance enhancing drugs | supplement contamination

Performance enhancing drugs: How to protect yourself - and your reputation - from drug contamination


Ephedrine effects

oral contraceptives | athletic performance

Oral contraceptives and athletic performance

HMB supplements- do they work for athletes?

HMB supplement benefits may not be so significant for trained athletes

Will taking echinacea supplements help beat a viral infection?

Echinacea - Ward off infection with 'the prairie doctor'

Testosterone: the andro supplement may not be as effective as you think

Androstenedione effects - do andro supplements really work?

Recovery time: the effectiveness of creatine is influenced by the recovery intervals you take

Creatine and recovery intervals

Does aspirin, codeine and paracetamol reduce muscle soreness?

The effect of painkillers on muscle soreness

Carbohydrate metabolite supplements: pyruvate does not enhance weight loss or boost endurance performance

The effect of the Pyruvate supplement on performance

Creatine significantly boosts sprinting and acceleration

Creatine shown to boost performance in trained sprinters

Creatine: school children under the age of 18 should not take bodybuilding supplements

School children risk causing long term damage by taking bodybuilding supplements

Caffeine can speed up the performances of runners, cyclists and swimmers!

How caffeine may shave seconds off your time

Are athletes turning to genetic modification and is drug abuse in sport getting worse?

Genetic engineering and drug abuse

Salbutamol: how this asthma drug provides athletes with mixed benefits

Salbutamol as a supplement

Ageing in sport: can creatine prevent muscle reduction?

Research suggests creatine can improve an ageing athlete's performance

Steroids increase the risk of injury when strength training

Steroids carry injury risks

Blood doping: using artificial blood to boost maximal oxygen uptake poses lethal risks

New blood substitutes pose lethal risks

Drug abuse: steroids are linked to serious injuries of the triceps and nervous system

Steroids boost injury risk from strength training


Weight trainers miss out on the "runner's high"

Creatine accumulation

Creatine Accumulation: Factors modifying creatine accumulation in human skeletal muscle


Marijuana shown to be a gateway to steroid use in Norwegian teens


Creatine supplements work at lower levels

Creatine & phosphate

How do creatine and phosphate actually work?

What are the benefits and dangers of ephedrine?

Here's what happens when you put a little ephedrine in your coffee.


This new study suggests it doesn't boost short-term performance - but it increases the heart rate.

Creatine Information

Could caffeine take the buzz out of your creatine?

Beta blockers side effects and exercise

Many people with heart disease or high blood pressure (hypertension) are on long-term B-blocker therapy.

Rats! Clenbuterol may reduce, not enhance, performance, and stiffen heart muscles to boot

Clenbuterol Side Effects

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