If you have questions about performance enhancing drugs in sports, this is where you’ll find answers. Is creatine safe? How about ribose, salbutamol and ephedrine? Doping in sports is a hot topic, so read on to find out… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Sports supplements: a guide to sports drinks, health products and muscle builders

How many of these fancily packaged and extravagantly advertised products actually work?

Drug abuse in sport: how to build a drug free team

The social-psychological profile of athletes at risk of doping and some expert tips on building a ‘clean’ team.

Asthma in sport: athletes should take heed of WADA guidelines

Athletes with asthma should check their drugs do not infringe WADA guidelines

GABA supplementation could enhance muscle recovery, encourage strength gains and aid in fat loss

The naturally occurring amino acid known as GABA is popular as an ‘anti-anxiety’ supplement. However, exciting new research suggests that it may also stimulate the natural release of a growth hormone, which could yield benefits such as enhanced muscle recovery, strength gains and fat loss.

Drugs in Sport: Insulin abuse subject to testing

Insulin cheats beware

Medicine Use Harms Sports performance

Athletes at risk from prescribed medicines

Prescribed drug can cause damage after eccentric exercise

Antidepressants may cause muscle damage…

Testosterone prohormone supplements: The Risks

Andro supplements don’t help and can be harmful

Caffeine reduces muscle soreness

Caffeine and leg muscle pain

Pseudoephedrine's Ergogenic Effect

Drug removed from banned list is ergogenic

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Drugs in sport: why testing is not enough

Caffeine in team sports

How caffeine boosts team play


Nandrolone testing

banned substances

Banned Substances: Athletes still at risk of accidental doping


Prohormones : Warning! - contaminated dietary supplements can seriously damage your career

world anti doping agency

World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) : New WADA guidelines for 2006 - how do they affect athletes?

blood doping

Blood Doping: New warning on blood doping

Drugs and recovery: pain relief medication may not be the answer to a speedy recovery

What all athletes need to know about pain relief medication

performance enhancing drugs

Performance Enhancing Drugs

drugs in sport

Drugs in sport: From EPO to gene doping: Ron Maughan on the ceaseless quest for the undetectable magic bullet and the sterling efforts of the 'good guys' to stay ahead of the game


Modafinil: Banned drug works as ergogenic aid


NSAIDS: Contraction-induced muscle injury - why NSAIDS don't help


Salbutamol: Ergogenic effects of salbutamol

drugs in sport

Drugs in sport: “Far from being unfair, drugs that enhance performance actually promote equality”

drugs sport

Drugs in sport: Let athletes take drugs, but I don't want them in my club - or at my Olympics'

exercise induced asthma

Exercise induced asthma: Take a deep breath - and learn to manage your asthma without falling foul of doping regulations

ADHD drugs in sport

ADHD drugs in sport

anabolic steroid abuse

Anabolic steroid abuse - Another risk of anabolic steroid abuse

Human Growth Hormone | hGH

Human growth hormone hGH - Don't waste money - and risk your reputation on human growth hormone; make your own instead!

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