distance running

distance running

Looking for something to scratch that long distance running itch? Or are you coaching running? The articles below provide you with distance running workouts and tips on long distance running. In a sport where fitness training is central to success, the running techniques detailed here will get you to the finish first… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.


10k: If you want to set a world 10K record, run the second half slightly faster - and do it in July in Scandinavia!

Distance running: cross country training workouts

If you want to be as successful as Kenyan distance runners you need to train like them!

The mile

A new training regime for your own "miracle" mile based on recent research carried out in the US at George Washington University and the University of Rhode Island.

Time-splitting and race results

If it makes sense to run the second half faster than the first, then why do the Kenyans go out so fast?

10k training

10k training: What does science have to say about the right training programme for the 10K?

genetics and sports performance

Genetics And Performance: What research tells us about African runners: are they really genetically more gifted?

genetics in sport

What research tells us about African runners: are they really genetically more gifted?

Sub 4 minute mile

Sub 4 Minute Mile: Here's a training programme designed to crack the ultimate goal: the sub-four-minute mile.

Distance running & testosterone

Distance Running & Testosterone: Can distance running determine the sex of your children

5000 metres training

5000 Metres Training: If you've got the 5000 metre blues, here's a way to get you back on song

Half marathon training

Half Marathon Training: The key to improving your half-marathon times is in your 10K running.

Steeplechase training

Steeplechase training: How I cut my steeplechase times by 30-40 seconds.

personal bests

Personal Bests: These are the changes to concentrate on if you want to produce more PBs.

Marathon racing: how to remain hydrated

How many drinks stations can you afford to miss in a marathon?


The relevant question is not "Did you win?" but "Did you come up to your expectations?"

800 metres

Coaches and runners are confused about how to train optimally for 800-metre racing, and with good reason. After all, there's a wealth of scientific information about training for 400 metres, 5000 metres, 10,000 metres, and the marathon, but almost no research has been done concerning 800-metre training. As a result, thoughts about 800 preparations tend to be long on philosophy and anecdote -and short on fact

Running economy

Running Economy: Turning your attention inwards can help you run more economically.

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