Looking for a healthy diet to boost your performance? Sports nutrition is of utmost importance for athletes and these articles will help you build a diet plan to personalised necessities like how to increase metabolism or reduce muscle cramps. You’ll also find information on general diet topics like eating disorders… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.


Hydration: Drink your way to winning performances: the seven secrets of hydration.

Sport by sport diet guide

Whatever your sport, nutrition should be an integral part of your training and competition strategy. Although the emphasis will vary according to the activity you're involved in, there is a consensus among sports scientists on guidelines that athletes should be aiming for.

Metabolising gluttony

Metabolising Gluttony: A prolonged workout beforehand can help to metabolise the occasional gluttony

Omega-3 and performance

Omega-3 And Performance: What about fat type and performance? If you're already involved in regular training, the effects of omega-3 fats may not be so direct and immediate that ingesting increased quantities of them for six weeks would improve your race times or lift your VO2max.. However, it's obvious that the less depressed you are, the higher will be your motivation and drive to succeed as an athlete, so inclusion of omega-3 fats in your diet may be favourable to performance from a mental standpoint.

Sports nutrition: fat is necessary to absorb key vitamins and assists carbohydrate in providing you with energy

It is essential you include fat in your diet


Synergy: How diet and exercise interact to prevent disease - a research summary.

Diet and performance

Diet And Performance: One big advantage of being a runner is that you can eat a lot without putting on weight. The more you run, the more you can eat.

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