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Zone Diet: cut back on carbs and you risk reducing your performance level

Have carbs had their day?

Dieting and nutrition: should you opt for a low weight or a high carb diet?

Owen Anderson answers your training queries

Sports Nutrition: eating plenty of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of a stroke

Six fruit and veg portions a day keep strokes at bay

The zone diet: is it suitable for athletes?

Dieting to improve performance

Dehydration in sport: why it is vital an athlete maintains hydration levels during exercise

How to prevent dehydration from seriously damaging your performance

Sports nutrition: how carbohydrate loading will boost performance

How to increase your glycogen levels by up to 20 per cent to boost your energy levels

Sports nutrition: an overview of vitamins, supplements and dietary requirements

The latest sports nutrition research

High-altitude eating

High-altitude Eating: Follow this eating plan to stop high altitude getting you down.

Free radicals and disease

It makes sense to ensure that your diet is high in antioxidants. High doses of Bcarotene and vitamin C, fresh fruit and veg are your best bet - " coloured" vegetables such as green leafy ones, beetroot, carrots and sweetcorn are particularly high in B-carotene.

eating disorder athletes

Eating Disorder Athletes


Let' s consider the question of whether a high-carb diet promotes greater body fat storage.

High-fat diet | cyclists

High-fat Diet: Because they believe that fat is the key fuel which powers their long-distance efforts, endurance cyclists continue to consume high-fat diets, and some even utilize high-fat nutritional supplements in an attempt to add staying power to their performances.

Eating before competition

Can you give your performance an edge by fuelling up before exercise? Here are the guidelines.

Carbo loading: depletion phase

Carbo nutrition


Calories: Sometimes eating fewer calories can make you fatter...

Sports nutrition: how your diet affects your immune system when you exercise

Exercise is not always kind to the human immune system

Boosting omega-3

Boosting Omega-3: Should you consider stepping up your omega-3 intake to improve your mental state? One way to boost omega-3 in your diet would be to eat more fish, and it's interesting to note that fish-eating people have considerably lower rates of depression, compared to beef- and pork-eating ones.

Training dietary regimes

Training Dietary Regimes: You can lead a footballer to a proper diet, but can you make him eat it?

Sports nutrition: are carbohydrates bad for your diet?

Peak Performance assesses Barry Sears' so called miracle Zone Diet

Sports nutrition: is there a link between cholesterol and depression?

Cholesterol plays some key roles inside the body so is too much or too little responsible for causing motivational problems for the athlete?

How diet and exercises can lead to coronary heart disease

A round up of the effects diet and activity levels have on the cardio system

athletes diet

Athletes Diet: The triathletes who ate nearly twice as much, yet gained no weight, and improved their performance times by 8 per cent.

Glycaemic index

Glycaemic Index: Things mother forgot to tell you about the glycaemic index of your food - and how it influences your training

Female cyclists | health | nutrition

Female cyclists health and nutrition: A guide to the physiological differences and nutritional requirements of female cyclists.


Nutrition: What you eat can play a significant part in preventing or healing a sports injury.

Vegetarian athletes

Vegetarian Athletes: If you're a vegetarian athlete, here's how to ensure you have a balanced diet.

female athletes | calcium | osteopenia

Calcium intake in the diet cannot make up for a lack of oestrogen due to menstrual irregularities, but it can be optimised before, during or after the onset of menstrual irregularities.


To be healthy, should you really shun fat, avoid booze, and eschew red meat? Here's a state-of-the art guide through the dietary jungle.

Nourishing the immune system

If you suspect your immune system is getting flabby, toughen it up with nutrients.

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