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Cycling Training: Aerodynamics and Stamina

Don't Let Drag Interfere With Your Cycling Training

Sports News: Cycling Training

Cycling Training and how carbohydrate, torso training and building endurance can help

Interval Training and Fitness for Cyclists

Cycling - the road to success

Sports Nutrition: Advice for Endurance Cyclists

Nutrition Advice for Endurance Cyclists

Cycling Training

Physiological Assessment in Cycling

cyclists warm up

Cyclists Warm Up: Which warm-up for cyclists?


Pre-competition: Pre-competition exercise: does timing matter?

Cyclists sperm

Cyclists sperm: Sperm changes in long-distance cyclists


Menstruation: Cycling proficiency - do the various menstrual phases affect athletic performance?

hodiola rosea | cordyceps sinensis

Hodiola rosea & cordyceps sinensis - Chinese supplements don't work for cyclists

Cycling Biomechanics

The biomechanics of safe and effective cycling performance at all ability levels

cycling position

Cycling position -The best position for untrained cyclists

How red-hot interval training fires up performance in seasoned cyclists

Use a blend of these interval training techniques for maximum endurance gains

Sports Injuries: mountain biking is linked to scrotal and testicular disorders

Saddle sore and more - the private perils of mountain biking

Cycling training: endurance cyclists can improve their VO2 max by increasing their exercise intensity

These simple workouts will help cyclists boost their VO2max.

Cycling training: research shows cyclists should aim for fast pedalling rates on both flat and inclined routes

Why pedalling fast is more efficient for the cyclist

Cycling racing: are records being broken due to advances in technology or improvements in ability?

The one hour world cycling record

Synchronising muscles with heart

Synchronising Muscles With Heart: Should athletes attempt to synchronize muscular contractions with heart rates during workouts and competitive efforts? At first glance, the idea seems like a strange one, but scientific research suggests that it might be the right thing to do.

High-fat diet | cyclists

High-fat Diet: Because they believe that fat is the key fuel which powers their long-distance efforts, endurance cyclists continue to consume high-fat diets, and some even utilize high-fat nutritional supplements in an attempt to add staying power to their performances.

Runners v cyclists

Runners V Cyclists: Runners may have denser leg bones, but cyclists have more muscular arms.

Boosting vo2max

Boosting Vo2max: Competitive endurance cyclists are always searching for ways to boost their aerobic capacities (V02max) but are seldom quite sure about which workouts will produce the greatest effect.


Cross-training: Can runners pedal their way to faster 5K times?


Creatine: Another knock for creatine - it doesn't seem to help cyclists.

Fat | body fat levels | cyclists

As competitive cyclists search for ways to improve their workouts and performances, they often focus on their body-fat levels. Most cyclists want to get rid of surplus body fat so that they will have less "excess baggage" to carry as they train and compete.

Hyperoxic training | cycling training

How "hyperoxic" training dramatically improves cycling performance.

The hour record

As the world hour record comes down, how much is due to technology and how much to improved performance?

Backward biking | Rehabilitation

Is 'backward biking' a good rehab activity?

Low back pain

Low Back Pain: Cyclists with low-back pain should now adjust their saddles

Cycling uphill

Cycling Uphill: Should uphill cyclists stand or sit?

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