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Women's barbell military press

Women's barbell military press

The barbell military press has no peer amongst other upper body shoulder exercises.

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Women's dumbbell military press

Women's dumbbell military press

The dumbbell military press is a fine exercise for women who desire strong triceps.

The Gironda Curl

The Gironda Curl

Vince Gironda aka the iron guru was an old time strength and bodybuilding coach. This curl originated in Vince Gironda's fertile mind.

The Lifting Belt

The Lifting Belt

Several different lifting belts shown and explained.

The non supported dumbbell row

The non supported dumbbell row

The non supported dumbbell row develops not only the upper back but provides a stimulus for growth in the lower back.

Bodybuilding supplements with resistance training

Supplements: why timing is all

Weight training: the dumbbell pullover

This exercise strengthens soft tissue, reducing the risk of injury

Weight training: how to select the correct training regime for optimum hormonal response

The intensity of a resistance training programme can affect your hormone balance, leading to changes in body weight

body building

Body building - Why bodybuilding dependence is not just a problem for men

Abdominal strength training- the curl-up

Poor technique compromises the effectiveness of the curl up, so it is worth checking you are doing it right

Weight Training: the romanian deadlift exercise

How to perform the single-legged Romanian deadlift

Strength Training: weight lifting strategy

Are three sets necessary to optimise your strength?

Weight lifting: which is more effective free weights or weight machines?

Free weights offer more specific training than machines

Weight training: add some intensity to your weight training sessions by eccentric loading

Eccentric loading boosts weight training benefits

Abs workout: the truth behind the exercises

Abs workouts


Bodybuilders: Do bodybuilders need massive amounts of extra protein?


Arginine: In the gym, bodybuilders push heavy pieces of iron around in order to bulk up their muscles, but at their dinner tables they do strange things.. In an attempt to become leaner, they reduce their caloric intakes as they train for important competitions, even though decreased eating can lead to losses of muscle mass.

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