Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews - Is heart rate monitoring of any value?

The novice who takes up exercise to improve health often complains of fatigue and soon gives up. The reason: many of these individuals set too challenging a pace; hardly surprising then that fatigue occurs after a couple of hundred metres and that the experience is an unpleasant one. On the other hand, the potential champion may assume that more and harder training is the only route to sporting success. Heart rate monitoring can help persuade the novice that a more moderate pace makes more sense in the long run, while use of heart-rate monitors can assist the experienced athete in training.

One dilemma for athletes and coaches has been to know how much attention to pay to the subjective sensation of effort; if it feels hard, should you slow down until the effort feels about right, or must it hurt to get trained? Likewise, on a good day, should you try to go faster than planned and take advantage of a session that might provide a greater training stimulus? Since most coaches prescribe a fixed sesson - often carried out without the coach being present - a marker of effort such as heart rate can be used as an objective index to set the intensity.

Some advantages of this approach are immediately obvious, especially if the coach and athlete meet infrequently:
1 The coach can set the session according to heart rate rather than speed
2 Account can be taken of how the athlete is coping with the session and other factors, such as the weather conditions
3 If speed is also known, a record of heart rate will give the coach information on how the athlete has responded to the session.

There are, however, some difficulties with this approach, and heart rate does not always equate with effort. With a group of athletes whose training status and performance are fairly similar, there can be a large variation in the heart rate response to exercise, and the characteristic response of each athlete must be established. Even then, there are some unpredictable situations where the relationship between heart rate and effort breaks down for a given athlete.

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

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