Running Economy: how to become a more efficient runner

runningIn many sports, speed is an important attribute and ways to improve speed are sought after. In a simplistic view, to improve speed you need to increase stride length and/or strike rate. Many athletes and coaches initially concentrate on improving stride length only to find that both strike rate and speed decrease. It is perhaps more effective to work on strike rate because this increases the power in the leg muscles, which, in turn, naturally increases stride length.

In a number of sports (eg football, basketball, netball, hockey) the athlete is required to make short bursts of effort and is then able to recover by getting oxygen back into the system. There are sports (eg running) where there is a long sustained burst of effort and oxygen consumption (breathing rhythm) needs to be effective and efficient. Running economy can also be enhanced by improving your VO2max.

In this free download, available to registered members of PP Online, we show you how to become a more efficient runner.

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