Plyometric Training: Football Specific Drills

Plyometric drills work on improving the natural recoil of muscles and tendons. As indicated in part 1 this is the result of an eccentric (muscle lengthening) contraction priming an immediate subsequent concentric  (muscle shortening) one.

The action is akin to a pogo stick – which would no doubt be banned from children’s use under current health and safety regulations! On landing on a pogo stick a spring mechanism compresses and ‘fires’ the child and stick higher into the air, as they bounce down the road. A similar reaction occurs naturally in our muscles if we were to jump, for example, up and down on the spot. Our muscles don’t have in-built springs like the pogo stick, but they are able to create greater ‘spring’ due to the eccentric/concentric response (which is also known as the stretch-shortening cycle).

In this free download, available to registered members of PP Online, we look at the plyometric needs of a football player.


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