Injury Prevention for Racket Sports

Elbow painTennis has been described as a sport in which players have to respond skilfully to a continuous series of emergencies; this involves sprinting to the ball, reaching, jumping, lunging, changing directions, stopping and starting. The repetitive nature of the sport exposes players’ bodies to regular stresses and potential injuries, especially through the shoulders and lower back. Ankle and elbow injuries have also been identified as common problems in tennis players.

Research has shown that an effective strength and conditioning programme can improve players’ maximal force and power production, reduce the incidence of injuries and contribute to faster recovery times, thereby reducing the number of missed practice sessions and competitions. Injury prevention or prehabilitation should form a key part of any strength and conditioning programme and this article will provide guidance concerning what we consider t to be the key prehabilitation exercises for tennis and other racket sports.

In this free download, available to registered members of PP Online, we provide guidance on key injury prevention exercises for tennis and other racket sports

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